My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No longer beautiful! Who has time?

Every where I go I see at least one mom who looks like she just stepped out of a salon. Maybe she did. I really don't know. What I want to know is where did she find the time? She will have perfect hair, makeup, and clothes, and I just want to smack her! Not really but I desperately want to ask how she does it.

First off all my oldest child is 16 months, and over the last 2 years I can only name 2 times I have put on makeup. My brother in laws wedding and my son's baptism. I think there was a third time, but I am not sure. It would have been my daughter's baptism, and because that was a very important day I'm sure I probably put makeup on.

Secondly how do they even have time for a shower let alone do their hair. My shower (if I get one) follows one of two possible scenarios. One I am alone in the bathroom. My husband who works nights is awake and watching the kids. However, my daughter who is mama's girl has slipped away from him (which is not hard to do remember she's only 16 months) and discovered me in the bathroom with the door shut. So she begins to pound on the door while she cries and screams "mooooom, mama, mamamama, maaaamaaa!" Until I either break down and open the door, which I frequently do, or I hurry as fast as I can to finish and let her in. Let me tell ya there is nothing worse than hurrying to finish your shower only to be getting dressed and realize you forgot to rinse out the shampoo or use soap at all! In this case I am usually slowly getting madder and madder at my husband after all does anyone bang on the door when he's in the shower???? "NO"

The second scenario is I am in the shower and my son is sitting in his bouncy chair right next to the tub. This way I can easily pop in his binky if he needs it. My daughter is either in the shower to, (I learned the hard way we needed a no slip mat on the floor, Ouch!), or she is playing around in the bathroom. Which means she is opening and shutting the shower curtain every 5 seconds soaking herself, her brother, and the floor. Hey three showers for the price of one! Maybe not.

If I don't want to endure any of this torture I simply skip the shower. Don't worry you can stand by me I won't go more than 2 days like that. Ok, 3 at the most!

Now the hair. Who has time to do their hair? I brush mine after I shower. That's the end. I need a really beautiful mom cut that doesn't say, "Hey I'm a lazy mom! But rather, "I'm a sexy mom who does her hair!" when I really don't. Got any tips!!!! Remember I brush my hair and that's it!! By that time one child or the other is screaming for something.

I can't tell you how many times I left the house to realize I forgot to brush my teeth!!! But I didn't forget my daughter's blankie we call it softy.

Oh, and beauty products! My product of choice is baby magic! Yes, I am a mom, but I smell like a baby!

At least the only man who matters (my husband) still thinks I am sexy. I think he just says so to make me feel better. It doesn't really work I know better! But I love him anyway!


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Aimie said...

Don't put your self down. You have a second baby so he must truely believe that you are beautiful. That is all that matters really anyway right? He is the man you really want noticing you and making your toes curl! :) There will be time for more makeup later.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Oh how familiar the showering scenario is... And remember, that perfect looking mom no doubt feels she's failing in some area...

Midwest Mom said...

What a great post. Well, from the other side of infancy, I can tell you it does get better!!

My brother and sister are 10 months apart (there were 6 of us altogether) and I don't know how my mother survived it.

Keep it up, though. Your posts are fun and funny and just so true! ;)



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