My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Siblings Love or Hate?

My son adores my daughter. He watches everything she does so intently. He pays more attention to her than to me! He gets excited when she is near and tries to grab hold of her. Does he think she is a toy? Or maybe he just can't wait to play with her. He has grabbed her hair on a number of occasions and her shirt is another of his favorites.

Once I thought they were both playing together so well. They looked like they were both examining the same thing very intently so I grabbed the camera. Only to discover their heads were so close together because Christopher had Evangeline's hair and she couldn't get away. When she finally pulled away she pulled back so hard she landed on her bottom. It didn't stop her from coming back to play some more though. However, upon her return she held her hand up as if to say, "Stop"! He just grabbed her shirt, which made it even harder for her to pull away.

She loves him to. She lays next to him on the floor, often putting her head on his or on his back. She constantly kisses him. In fact I am positive she gave him RSV when he was two months old. Hey, brothers and sisters gotta share right! She gives him toys and his binkie. She tries to feed him his bottle. She won't share her lovey, her blanket called "Softy".

She was given a cookie monster doll one night. When Christopher saw it he fell in love. The next morning I asked her if she wanted it. She did the sign for "Baby". So I asked her do you want me to give Cookie Monster to your baby brother. She did the proud laugh that says, "You understood me!" So I gave it to her brother who laughed hysterically while he tried to chew on Cookie Monster's eyes. What an awesome sister, Huh?

A little too awesome, she shares to much, I almost had a heart attack when I realized she would also try to feed him. She was eating yogurt, and he was in his jumperoo. He looked like he had spit up, but it was pink. He didn't eat anything pink so I was worried. I smelled it. It smelled like yogurt so of coarse I tasted it! Yep, it was strawberry yogurt. Evie has given him some. No more walking around with food!!! Yikes!

The problem is she also smacks him at times. I tell her no to be nice or careful, but as if to spite me she smacks him harder. I don't know if she understands. I really think she does. That is why it bothers me so much. He doesn't seem to mind. He is a tank! At 6months he is over 17 lbs. Friday I will know how much for sure, his 6month check up. He fervently kicks anything that touches his feet. So I am sure when he does this she thinks he is kicking her.

I know there will be fights and sometimes it won't be pretty, but I'd like to do the best I can to prevent them. Sometimes I can see it in Evie's eyes the disappointment when she needs me or wants me, but I am taking care of Chris. She cries a little, but on most occasions she seems to understand and just waits.

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