My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little Evil or A lot!

Evie wanted to have a costume party and she kept asking me what my costume was gonna be.  I said "I'm already wearing it. I'm an evil mommy!" She didn't like that.  She kept telling me I wasn't evil and that wasn't a good costume anyways.  I ended up being a princess.
 So today I told her, "I'm not really evil. Only a little Evil.  Are you a little evil?"
She looked at me and said, "No...I'm A lot Evil!...Just kidding I'm not evil, only a little!" then she laughed! I almost died from laughing so hard!

Pregnant again, again, again!

According to my calculations I am 5 weeks and due on July 9th.  Since my doctor doesn't do VBACs (vaginal births after a csection) this birth will also be a c-section.  Usually, scheduled two weeks early so we are looking around June 18th? I'm not sure about that date didnt look at next years calendar and my math is horrible. He usually does them on a friday!  So as long as things go ok.  We know what to expect as far as that.  My last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and that was not fun! Hope it doesnt happen again. 

I also feel it's a little to early to celebrate, but if your pregnant you're pregnant thats not gonna change.  At least not for another 8 months!  I am not looking foreward to being pregnant or having a c-section again.  Each time it gets a little harder than before! I am guessing thats from the scar tissue.  I am loking foreward to having a baby!  Kids are amazing and I couldn't imagine a life without them. 

That being said.  I am not looking foreward to all the changes that are gonna have to be made.  We need a new car!  We all won't fit in ours!  Which really sucks cause we just bought it!  Well 7 months ago but still that's new.  We are already planning on moving next year, but moving when your pregnant is not fun!  You can't do anything, and while people understand that it still sucks! 

My kids are so excited.  Evie and Topher are already talking about names for their baby brother!  I really hope its a boy! Thats's another thing.  Nameing a kid is difficult!  All of my kids have special names with special meanings the more you have the harder that is to do! Oh, and by coincidence all 3 of their names are greek in origin!  So gotta keep that trend going! 

Here we go again!

I am pregnant again.  I took a test last night and it was positive.  I'm gonna take a blood test tomorrow to confirm.  Or really just make it official.  The kids are so excited.  Topher told my sister first when she got here this am.  Then he and Evie sat down and discussed what the baby's name is gonna be.  They are sure its a boy!  I just think it is so funny because as you may have read a couple weeks ago all a sudden out of the blue my 4year old daughter started talking about a baby brother!  I told you she's spoiled and usually gets what she wants. I'm starting to wonder if she's psychic too! Maybe she can hook me up with some lottery numbers! My husband is supper excited I can tell, but I am freaking out.  This changes everything. Were gonna need help!  I'm so scared, nervous, and everything else you can possibly feel!

Plus, my boobs hurt something awful! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Baby?

My 4 year old daughter, Evie, wants me to have another baby.  She wants a baby brother for her brother to play with.  I told her when you have a baby you don't get to pick you get what you get! Then I asked what if it's another girl? She thought for a moment and said, "then we keep her!" I smiled and asked "So would we have to have another one after that till we had a boy?" Again she paused, "yep we need another brother!"  Her brother can be really mean and annoying to her at times so playing the devils advocate I asked, "What if he's mean like Topher?" She said, "I love my brother!" I thought I love my kids they are amazing.

I told her brother, "Topher, Evie wants mommy to have another baby so you can have a baby brother to play with.  What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?" He said, "Bad idea!" I almost died.  "Why" I asked? "Because that's not a good idea!" was the very matter of fact response I got.  So I asked, "Why is Evie, Topher, and Ally too many already?" He said "yes" and returned to his playing.

So I told Evie what Topher said.  She said 3 is not too many!  I asked her then how many were too many?  She thought and said 10!  OMG! Was my thought!  Then she added "well if Topher doesn't want to play with the baby I will!" 

Then the conversation changed to what was I gonna name the baby! I told her I had no idea.  It took me 9 months to pick out each of their names.  I told her picking a name was difficult cause you have to get it just right.  It has to be something special.  She picked George, door, and house!  I told her no way it would have to be very special.  Then I realized we were picking names for a baby I hadn't even decided on having yet.  We probably will have another just not right now. 

Later that evening all of a sudden she said I've got it we can call him "Conner"

I couldn't believe she was still thinking about it.  I should probably add Evie is kinda spoiled and usually gets what she wants! LOL

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working Update

Ok, I've been working for a while now 3 days one week and one day the next.  Some times are harder than others.  The worst part is the kids behavior has gotten worse. I'm not sure if the change is from my working or just the change in weather.  We aren't outside as much as before.  In fact we are home a lot more now, or at least the kids are.  They are home with me when daddy works and home with daddy when mommy works!  Ally is more attached to me.  When I get home I hear "MAMA" or "MOMMMY" and she runs to me.  Then I have to hold her for a while.  She is also more clingy than before. She was more of daddy's girl but now that she misses me when I'm gone she's a mama's girl.  Topher is just wild.  He is worse than before and so mean to me sometimes.  I'm not sure what to do.  Evie is ok, but I can tell sometimes she feels left out.  We are getting our nails done this weekend her reward for doing good in school all month!  Topher didn't do so good, otherwise we'd all be going for ice cream.  The worst part is I love working!  I love being at home with my kids too, and I desperately miss my hubby!  We see each other a little bit during the week otherwise we are together every other Wednesday, every other Saturday and Sunday! Plus, they make destroy the house when I'm gone. I don't mind cleaning it, but some times I feel like I'm going crazy "didn't I just clean this up 5 minutes ago!" I don't know how moms work full time and keep the house clean (oh wait their kids must be at day care during the day!) I can't complain soon they will all be in school and I will miss these days!

School Update

Well we just had parent teacher conferences.  Things weren't as bad as I thought.  I'll break it down per kid!

Christopher my 3.5 year old!  We had a slight rough start.  At first he didn't want to go to school, but he had tons of fun and loved it.  The first month we had green dots every day (they get a green dot for being good, yellow for a lil bad, and red if they had privileges taken away).  He has a friend Derek and apparently they play pretty rough. He came home with dirt all in his hair one day.  He said his buddy put it on him.  His teacher said they roll around and all kinda crazy stuff on the play ground.  He got off the bus crying a few times a kid hit him.  I told him yell to the bus driver or the lady who rides with you.
   Then the second month came and my son is feeling more himself at school.  He got 2 orange dots, touching other kids, being disruptive, and not listening.  Then he got 3 red dots, 2 for pushing, one for hitting a kid in the face!  I wasn't surprised but I was upset.  At the conference the teacher said she wasn't worried about it.  It was only a few incidents (A FEW OK!) She also said he is very smart and social.  She often gives him something to hold on to during circle time so he can pay attention.  She often keeps him separate ex: walking in line.  I don't mind cause he loves school, and if it keeps him from hurting others I am for it.  I'm not sure where to go from here so were taking things one day at a time.

Evangeline really doesn't have any problems she is actually ahead of most of the class with many skills like writing her name.  She pays attention, follows directions, and doesn't get into trouble.  She is social but sometimes quiet.  She has friends and sometimes has to be reminded its not time to talk!  No big deal!  She has had some incidents on the bus thou!  Her and another girl fight to sit by the window.  The rule is whoever gets there first gets to sit by the window.  She often comes home crying she didn't get to sit by the window.  She has even asked the other little girl if they could take turns.  Last week she got there first and the lady who rides with them grabbed her shirt and pulled her to move her into the outer seat.  The woman told her she gets off the bus first so shouldn't sit by the window.  Evie cried so she let her sit there.  I asked her about it the next day she insisted she would never!  She said she only helped Evie with her seat belt.  Evie said she always does her own seat belt and the lady lied to me.  I believe my 4 year old.  She doesn't lie!  I guess at this point I'm gonna let it go and see if it happens again.  Then all hell is gonna break loose cause she has no right to touch my baby!  I'm so mad that I'm letting it go for now, but I'm trying to be adult about it. 
   That wasn't

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