My angels!

My angels!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Less posts

We have disconnected our home phone, Internet, and cable for the time being. After the one year mark the company increased our rates so much that we decided to go without for a while. Plus, we are trying to find a new place to move. So we figured we would save some money.

I often go days without getting on the Internet, but now that we don't have it at home I miss it so much! Everyday I think I wish I could get on the Internet! It is horrible. I am posting more on my twitter! So you can check that on this website or follow my twitter!

Yes, You can do it!

As you may already be aware of my angel is now in her terrible twos, and she is seriously testing my patience. She wants to do everything on her own. I finally found something that she can do on her own and share with everyone. She loves to cook and help in the kitchen, but that can be dangerous. And lets face it toddlers want to do things that they just are not capable of doing.

She can make instant pudding though! I get open the package, but she pours it in a bowl. I pour the milk in the cups, and she pours it in the bowl. I give her a spoon and she stirs it. She makes a little mess, but not to bad. She has so much fun. The other day she made some and put it into little bowls and we took it to grandma and grandpa. She was so proud she made them a surprise all by herself. If you don't want a mess you can put it in a shaker and let them shake it!

It is easy and keeps them busy long enough for me to do the dishes. Then we all get to enjoy a good snack afterwards. Never mind the extra dishes we are creating! The look on her face and pride in knowing that she made something for us to eat is priceless!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The not so great, great outdoors!

Today we took the kids after dinner on a little drive. We came across one of those historical plaques that tell you what happened there. This one had pictures and told that the area was a POW camp that held German soldiers during WWII. Apparently they were brought over to Michigan to help farmers who were in desperate need of help harvesting crops. It was really interesting. Nothing was left standing of the camp except the plaque.

We walked around the area since it was nice. However, there were a lot of cactus and mosquitoes. It ended up being a nightmare. The worst part was that I let Evie down to pick some flowers, but there was some kind of plant with barbs that stuck her all over. It was horrible, thankfully I had tweezers in my bag, she had hundreds of thin little red things stuck into her legs and hands. I felt so bad. It didn't seem to hurt her to much, but it did hurt. She had red bumps all over afterwards from the irritation and some of them bled a little. Some didn't come out all the way, and swelled up. They looked like little mosquito bites.

As a parent you try to protect your kids from things, and in this case I put her down in whatever it was that did this. I feel like the worst mother. I think it traumatized me more than her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I do it!

The three worst and best words in the English language. Good because finally you don't have to do everything for your child, but bad because now that you don't have to do everything for your child you realize that she is no longer your baby she's growing up way to fast! At the same time it is also so annoying because they want to do it on their own, but many times they just can't yet!

Evie is constantly telling me, "I do it, Mommy!" She can take off her shoes and put them on! I just can't wait for her to use the potty by herself. I have the worst time remembering to tell her to sit on the potty!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer fun

It is summer time and the kids are loving life. Almost everyday Christopher wakes up and points outside. He either wants to go outside or just look at all the cars and people. They love going to "play ground" that is what Evie calls any place outside where she can play. The other day she asked, "We go bye, bye!"

I asked, "Do you want to?"

You probably can guess her answer, "Yeah, Yeah! she said.

I asked her, "Where do you want to go?"

She thought about it for a while. Then said, "Ummmm!" As she thought a little harder, with her finger pressed to her lips. Then she smiled and said, "Play ground!" While she did the sign for play ground.

How could I do anything but take them to the play ground after that cute display!

The only bad thing about summer is they play outside A LOT, and therefore they fall A LOT! When I give them their baths at night I wonder if anyone sees the bruises on their legs and thinks they are abused. I am not kidding. They look like connect the dots or something. Tiny bruises all over from their knees to their ankles! I am amazed they can still walk, Ok not that bad, but you get the picture. Especially Christopher he gets bruises everywhere. He scares me to death, because he has no fear, and he never stops! I have no idea where he gets all the energy he just goes all day long!

The flip side of that is when he crashes, or gets tired, it is horrible. He had an awful meltdown at the park today. We were at a picnic for my brother and sister's last day of school. Evie and BoBo loved playing with all the kids. They had a snow cone machine, and I knew it was time to go home and nap. So I told the kids we will have a snow cone and go home. They both got one and we sat down in the shade to eat it. Christopher wouldn't sit, so of coarse he spilled his. He got so mad he dumped the whole thing. Then he was pissed. He screamed and yelled and stomped on it. He really wanted to eat it, but was to tired and mad. I knew the time to go had come and gone. So I grabbed him up and we headed out! He was asleep in the car before I was able to pull out of the parking lot! We still had fun though!

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