My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can you cry over spilled juice?

I thought I was going to have a great day. I woke up with the kids and was actually awake. Everyone ate breakfast and played. Then at 10 everyone was asleep for a nap! Yeah!!

At 11 my son woke up so we played together until noon when my daughter woke up. Time for lunch. I decided to make spaghetti ohs and grilled cheese (for the first time ever) how hard can it be right? Apparently very hard. They stuck to the pan, fell apart, and were all gushy. They looked horrible.

I was going to eat the worst looking one. The decent looking one was for my daughter. Unfortunately, on my way to the table carrying a plate with 2 not so yummy looking grilled cheese sandwiches and a small glass of apple juice I tripped. I spilled the juice all over the decent looking sandwich.

I couldn't help it I started balling. Both my kids were in their high chairs and looked at me totally confused. My son started laughing. I gathered my composure, threw out the soaking wet sandwich, and tried to salvage lunch.

I broke the yuckiest looking grilled cheese (and the only one that wasn't soggy) into some what decent looking bites for my daughter. She refused to eat the spaghetti ohs. Then refused to eat the sandwich too. I couldn't help it I felt like I screwed up everything, and started crying. My daughter must have felt bad because she started eating the grilled cheese. I tasted it, and it was actually pretty good.

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