My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Traveling, and traveling, and traveling some more!

Well the theme park was fun and exhausting. We got home to find a message that a bunch of my husbands relatives from West Virginia were visiting his parents in Michigan. We hadn't seen them in 3 or 4 years. So Saturday morning we packed up for more traveling.

We weren't in the car for more than an twenty minutes and my daughter said she was done. We the DVD player that kept her a little distracted, but by the time we finished our hour and twenty minute drive she was READY to get out of the car. She was wired all day. I did get her to take a two hour nap, but it was so late in the day that it only made matters worse. She was up until midnight after that. With all the excitement even her brother stayed up late. They slept until almost 11 this morning. Yeah, for me!!!!

They had so much fun visiting all their relatives. I am so glad my kids are not really shy. At first Evie was a little unsure and stayed close to me, but once she realized everything was OK she was everywhere! Christopher is just always all smiles! I hope he stays that way. I know hes not really old enough to have stranger anxiety yet.

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