My angels!

My angels!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cranky Baby!

My son has been the completely opposite of my daughter from day one. She always seems cranky, but she's not really. He on the other hand always has a smile, but don't let it fool you. He goes from ear to ear smiles to screaming in zero flat. At first we thought maybe he was more sensitive and just easily over stimulated, but now I am not so sure. He blows his top more and more frequently, and with more and more severity. Sometimes it is down right scary.

His melt downs usually occur just after a period of play time. If it had been a couple hours or so after he had eaten I would attempt to feed him. Sometimes he would eat, but usually he would scream for a bit and pass out. Then he would sleep for 30 minutes to a couple hours, and eat after waking up.

Lately, when he screams like this it takes longer to soothe him, and he screams more violently. He has always stiffened up and arched his back when doing this. I am wondering if something might be wrong or if he could be in pain. However, after he naps for a bit he wakes up happy, smiling, and cooing away as if nothing had happened.

He also wakes up every morning screaming until I take him into the living room begin playing with him. Because of this I was thinking that maybe he is just getting older and more aware of his surroundings. Maybe what he wants to do and what he can do are not the same thing resulting in a melt down. He could be teething, but I can't feel or see anything. At two months the doctor thought maybe he had colic, but I thought he would have grown out of that. He wasn't crying like this last month. It has only gotten to be so excessive with in the past two weeks.

I plan on taking him to the pediatrician this week so I'll let you know. If any one has any ideas I'm all ears. I really want my quiet baby back. This is getting so frustrating.


Jenny said...

Hi girl! Thanks for becoming a "neighbor" at blog catalog! I JUST joined there, and I have no idea what I'm doing!
Anyway...I read through your posts and I'm thinking the GERD post and this post about screaming and arching the back and becoming stiff are related. My middle, Em, had GERD. I'm still amazed we had another after the hell she put us through with that condition. She did exactly what you're saying...smiling one minute, then screaming and doing the body arching and stiffening the next. I think it's pain. And she won trophies in spit-up distance, another wonderful symptom of GERD.
I'm not a dr., though, so please continue to follow-up with this!!! Good luck, and I'll be seeing you around!

princesslinzi said...

Hiya, my 4mth baby girl have had reflux since 5weeks old. She would smile then scream and go red in the face in zero time. She arches her back,stiffens her whole body just before a scream,brings her legs up. Its terrible to see them like it, i have hardley slept since shes born but i have tips that might help.
Ella my girl has been given renitidine medicine to stop the reflux and gaviscon to stop her vomiting after and between feeds. She would also fight having her feed by throwing her body backwards.
she has it bad and has been it hospital 4 times with it.
The tips are:
Never lay your little boy down flat, always prop him up with pillows while feeding and changing etc, even sleeping he must be on an angle (my girl now sleeps in her stroller).
Always change his nappy before a feed neva after as this agravates the reflux.
Always keep him upright sitting on your lap etc for 1hr 30 mins after each feed while winding him. Whwn they are layed down or played with after food it makes it a lot worse!!
Good luck if u need anything else just let me know.
Follow my tips and you will have a happier baby.Ella JUST DOES IT ABOUT ONCE A WEEK NOW!!


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