My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not myself.

I haven't posted in a while I just don't feel right. I don't know what it is. All I have the energy for lately is the kids. Which results in ignoring myself. I am ashamed to admit it but at this moment I'm not even sure which day I showered last. I just feel so low. I don't know why. I called the Madison center to set up an appointment on Thursday morning to talk to someone. Good thing I'm not suicidal because apparently they are too busy to return calls. It's like I'm in a crowded room, but feel alone. I am happy and grateful to be blessed with my wonderful kids which makes me feel even worse about being depressed. How could any one be down when they have these to beautiful angels to spend the day with? Any way I didn't abandon my site. It is one of the only things I do for myself, and it actually helps me feel better. It's my sanity in this insane world.

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