My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Copy Cat Queen!

My daughter just adores her 6 year old uncle, my youngest brother. She copies everything he does!!! Some times it is cute but the ramifications often have devastating results. She hits and throws things after being around him. She goes from a perfect angel to a perfect demolition artist. He gets her so fired up that we often start referring to her as Evie the Destroyer!

I don't know what to do about this. It's not fair to keep them apart, after all they are family. However, she has a six month old brother. I am hoping he survives. She has smacked him a few times. Lucky for me, or him, that he is very tough. He usually flinches then looks at her like she's crazy. I am not so forgiving. I don't want to hit her back, which I did swat her hand once and instantly regretted it. I just don't know what to do. Usually the more I tell her no the more she does it. I try to show her how to touch and tell her how to. Sometimes it works others well her brother isn't so lucky those times. He doesn't seem to get hurt at all by it, but that doesn't mean I should let it go either.

I don't want to use spanking at all. But I honestly don't know how to discipline or punish a 1 year old! Not that spanking really works or anything, but it is all I know. That's how I grew up. Until I went to college and took some psychology classes I had fully intended on spanking my children as well. Only now that I believe I shouldn't do it I don't really know what to do. Any ideas.

I am also worried about what she is teaching her brother. I hope the effects of this on him are not bad. Hopefully he forgets about it and it doesn't damage him psychologically. Who really knows what it will do?

I tell my brother to stop and constantly remind him that he is teaching her bad things. Some times he stops, but most times he thinks it is funny. I can't convey the serious of it to him he's to young. My husband doesn't want them playing together. He is the only one she does this with. I am serious you wouldn't even think she is only 16 months watching her run around and copy every thing my brother does. It is funny to watch, but that's it.

One time in church my mom was busy so my brother slid on his knees across the floor. Next thing I know my toddler is crawling on the floor and sprawling out on her back in the middle of the floor just laughing as hard as she can. I was slightly embarrassed, but she's only one so most people just smile. I can just imagine the thoughts swimming through their heads.

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