My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad mommy moment!

The kids put on their cooking aprons so they could help make dinner. All was going good. I'm not feeling well and didn't want to cook or eat! Daddy doesn't eat much so the kids were the only ones needing dinner. So what do we cook that is quick and easy. I decided pigs in a blanket, and as an added bonus the kids can help. They were so happy to help. I showed them what to do and they did it. Well Evie did it, but Christopher threw a fit. Apparently when I asked if he wanted to help cook he thought I meant cookies!

He got over that when I gave him a piece of a kit kat. Thank goodness I bought one today at the store. Evie was so proud of herself, and wanted to eat right away. She was a little bummed we had to cook them first.

Here's where the bad mommy moment enters in. I put them in the oven on a higher temp than called for. I just didn't pay attention. I did pay attention to the cook time. Therefore I cooked them too long on too high of a temp! I did not pay attention to whether or not they were done until the timer went off. So yes mommy burnt the kids dinner creation. Thankfully the tops were just brown! I cut the burnt to a crisp bottoms off, making a mess, but salvaging dinner! The kids ate them with a smile. I feel better since they both tore them into pieces and made messes anyways!!!

So it wasn't that big of a deal, travesty averted for the time being! However, I learned my lesson and will TRY to pay closer attention. I am definitely no Betty Crocker!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The dentist!

The kids had their 6 month check ups today at the dentist office. All went really well. Evie got to sit in the chair for the first time. She was excited at first, and then freaked when they turned on the over head lights. She handled it well, but she didn't want to sit there anymore. Then I showed her that the sunglasses they gave her were Cinderella, and she was happy.

It didn't take long, thankfully. All her teeth looked good!!! Which was awesome news since we had to go through all that last time, she had to have 4 teeth filled due to bottle rot. We have since got rid of all bottles, but she still drinks chocolate milk at night. I asked the doctor to tell her no more chocolate milk at night since she'd be more likely to listen to him. Then when she argues with me tonight I can blame the doctor and she will remember the visit and hopefully comply. We are going to get her a special cup just for water to help make it easier.

Christopher did good too. The doctor had me lay him down in my lap he didn't want to. In fact he almost pulled my shirt off trying to hold onto me for dear life! It was slightly embarrassing, but everyone acted like it didn't happen. Christopher screamed like crazy, and the dentist looked like he had a hard time looking at his teeth! But it didn't last long and the verdict was good healthy teeth!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cooking Ideas

I love my gladware bowls. When I cook I make extra then freeze it in the glad ware. Then when we want to eat it again the gladware goes straight into the microwave. It is awesome!!!! The best part is that they are so cheap if one gets ruined no big deal, and they can go into the dishwasher!!! It saves me so much time because I end up making one big meal that becomes 3!!! Which is great because I am no Rachael Ray!

Swimming and Tumbling

I enrolled Christopher in seaweed/ tumbleweeds, a swim and tumbling combo class. He swims for a half hour with me, and then goes into the gym for a half hour to play. The class is really full I think a total of 18 kids. This is the first time he has ever been around so many kids. We took the swim portion of the class last year, but there weren't as many kids then.

The only bad thing is that both Christopher's swimming and Evie's preschool start at the same time. So we drop off Evie and head two blocks away to the YMCA. I have to be secretive because Evie loves to swim and would be jealous. I am going to see about getting her into classes for the next session. They said if she can follow directions and swim ok she can be in the 3 year old swim class. That class is without a parent. She usually doesn't let me touch her in the pool anyways! I just swim next to her so I'm there if she needs me. It will be hardest on me, watching her grow up way too soon!

When we first get into the pool Christopher clings tightly to me. Which is quite painful. Then after a bit he lets loose. I'm not allowed to let go of him yet, but we've only had 2 classes so far. The second class he wanted to face away from me more so he is getting more confident. The teacher always takes each child towards the end for a few minutes, and when she returns them to their parent she tells them to close their mouth and she puts them slightly under water. I wasn't to sure about this at first, but he didn't seem to mind to much. He doesn't like her taking him from me though!

After swimming we hurry up and get dressed to go to upstairs to the gym. The first time we walked into the gym Christopher's face lit up like Christmas morning. It was so cute. He was super excited. He did really well to. It's his first experience waiting in line, and it will take LOTS of classes before he gets it. He does not like the concept at all, but what 1 1/2 year old does?

He has been doing really well, and been nice to the other kids overall. He gets a little overwhelmed towards the end and gets kind of rough, but not to much. I think having so much open space to let loose helps him channel that energy elsewhere. He hugged a couple girls, and played with a couple little boys. Which usually consists of him sitting near them.

I am so glad I get to do this with him. He enjoys it so much, and I think it will help him alot.

Dry skin

This week I started taking Christopher to swim and tumbling class while Evie is at preschool. It is so much fun, but my skin is getting so dry. So this morning after our shower (I can never shower alone if daddy is at work, even if they are sleeping! They've got super hearing!) I tried to put lotion on myself. I no longer have any of my own lotion so I had to use the baby magic! Which wasn't to big of a deal, but I couldn't reach my back. So Evie who was already proud of herself for sharing her lotion said she would put lotion on my back.

I didn't know what she was saying so I asked, "You want to put lotion on mommy's back?"

"Sure!" was the sweet resonse I recieved.

So I figured what the heck. Well lets just say that my back won't need lotion again this year. I had to make her stop, and she was so upset because she wasn't done yet! But I had enough lotion on my back for two of me. I tried to steal some for the rest of me, but couldn't get enough off to keep my shirt from sticking to me for a while! Gotta love those little helpers though! I couldn't have reached my entire back without her!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

steam rolled

I just feel completely overwhelmed. Christopher's recent diagnosis of sensory integration disorder just puts me over the top. I'm trying to work outside the home a little and getting mixed feed back from hubby, and my feelings as well. I've got the kids in preschool and swimming! Which is good, it is just a lot for me right now. I feel like I'm stuck on the merry go round and can't get off! The world is just spinning round and round me right now! I'm trying to be a part of it and get stuff together, but I'm just missing it! If that makes any sense at all to anyone!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sensory Integration Disorder

I have to say that I am just I don't even know how to describe it. I am beside myself. Today was Christopher's first steps Evaluation. They are an early intervention program by the state to help developmental issues. I insisted the doctor set this up because I was concerned with his speech issues. He can say a word one minute then not the next. I actually thought they would come and say he is normal, and I am just neurotic. However, that was not the case.

Don't take this the wrong way. I love my son with all my heart. He is just difficult. He is extremely impatient, demanding, high strung, and difficult to communicate with (he's hard to understand). He has a lot of behavior issues. He hits, bites, kicks, and all kinds of things. He is wild, as if he has no fear, and experiences little pain. I had no idea the extent of his issues. I thought he was just a wild boy. I figured that maybe we played to rough with him. I thought that some how we had to of encouraged this type of behavior. I never imagined that he just couldn't control himself.

He is deficient by at least 25% in 3 areas. I believe it was gross and fine motor skills as well as social skills. His cognitive skills are normal. They said that he has sensory integration disorder, and until the sensory issues are solved the other issues won't really progress. He isn't mean, not that I thought he was! I knew he was a kind loving boy, but couldn't figure out why he behaved the way he does.

I always felt like a bad mother with Christopher. He has always seemed so distant and foreign to me. I just don't get him, and that breaks my heart. It is very hard to admit, and tell people that your son seems like a stranger to you. I've thought many times if I could go back to when he was a baby, and do things over again I would do a better job. Despite the fact that I have no idea what I did wrong. I've asked my husband one many occasions how did I raise one kid good, Evie, and Christopher all wrong. (Evie isn't perfect she's just not as difficult as Christopher). I kind of felt that I did him a disservice by having him so close to his sister. I thought maybe I wasn't able to give him enough attention.

I just blamed myself, and tried all the discipline things I could think of, time outs and tons of positive praise. I am so relieved to know that I did nothing wrong. I am so glad that I followed my instincts and insisted he be evaluated. Despite the doctor's thinking that all was fine. Now I can focus on helping him, and learning about what is going on so I can understand him better. I am so excited to really get to know my son finally and have the relationship with him that we've missed out on.

Once I get past all the shock of this new information I will begin researching sensory integration disorder, and get Christopher started in theray. I am completely overwhelmed right now, and almost in tears. This has made me realize some issues that I didn't see before. I've had to face some tough truths over the last hour.

Preschool Nightmare!

This isn't so bad, but nobody wants to be the mom of the "mean kid". When I picked up Evie today the teacher said that Evie pushes kids. I told her I know that she pushes her brother all the time at home. I didn't think she'd push other kids. I think it is because Christopher is so clumsy he falls on her all the time. I made a rule chart at home listing all the things the kids are not allowed to do at all. Including pushing, biting, hitting, etc.... They are getting a time out for breaking the rules, and if they continue despite time outs they go to bed. Usually we don't get that far. She said they would work on it at school as well. I was crushed.

I told Evie that if she pushed kids they wouldn't be her friends. I hope that will be enough. I feel horrible. For her and others. I don't want kids to not play with her for any reason. Granted she's only two, but what mom wants to have the "meanie"!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Future concerns

I am so worried about the cost of things like my children's education. College is so expensive, but for them to be anything they will need that education. I think they could be child models or something, but I don't know how to get into stuff like that. I've been looking, but it is hard to discern the legitimate things from the scams. There are so many scams out there! It is driving me crazy. It's sad that you can't trust people.

Preschool update!

Evie had so much fun her first day of school. When we picked her up she was all smiles. The teacher gave me her papers, and we left. She got a note from the teacher letting me know she did well. The teacher said that Evie is very outgoing and talkative. That's my girl, but uh oh were gonna have troubles with that later??? She had two pictures that she colored that day. When I asked her about her day she only said she colored! I would have liked more info, but oh well. With some prying I found out she played and sang too! She said she liked her new friends as well.

I knew she would have fun, and do well. However, I was worried since she had been sick. She also refused to eat at all before school. She was so excited to go to school that she didn't want to do anything, but "GO"! Then after school she was to tired to eat as well. When so woke up she made up for what she missed that morning!

We didn't even get out to the car before she asked for her softy, binkie, and chocolate. It was so funny. Thank goodness I had thought ahead and brought it. She was so tired. We went home and she was asleep by 12:05. School got out at 11:30! She would have slept for a long time, but Topher missed her and kept waking her up. So she didn't get a good nap.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of Preschool!

Ok starting school can be hard for kids we all know that but nobody told me how hard it is for the mommy!!! I cried after dropping off Evie today, esp since she didn't even say goodbye! I was so bummed I thought I'd at least get a hug and kiss goodbye! Nope she ran and sat with all the kids forgetting me! Well at least I know she'll be ok and have fun!

It's just my baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. Even though she is still only 2 she is growing so fast. Everything is "No I do it, not you do it!" I know that's good, but it still makes me sad at the same time. Check Spelling

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of the best moments of my life...squashed!

One of the best moments of my life was when my daughter squeezed my head to hug me and said, "You my best friend mommy!"

It was a great moment! That of coarse couldn't last forever because today she looked at a total stranger and said, "You my best friend lady!" Thank you very much lady for stealing my thunder!

I know she loves me and not the lady, but still. Ouch!!!!

swine flu

Why, the year I want to start sending my daughter to preschool, does the threat of Swine flu have to be looming over head? I don't know much about it, but the more I hear the more I worry. My husband thinks we should wait to send her to school. I disagree, but am not really that well informed. I have 2 kids who for some reason don't watch the news!

I have heard that people can die from it, and that scares me two. So I don't really know what to do. For now the plan is to send her to school, and teach her to wash her hands really GOOD! I think that is all we can do. If it does become a big problem we can keep her home, but I feel the benefits of school outweigh the concerns. Again I am not to well informed on the subject.

I tried to do research and didn't come up with much. What I did find made me think swine flu isn't a big concern. However, when I talk to others I get the impression worse than I think. I just don't know! I do think that we will always have various things to worry about in life and just have to go with the flow! We do the best we can with what we have.

If anyone has any more information or knows a reliable site to get info I am all ears. I looked at the CDC website and got the impression that this is no big deal. Which worries me more! What the heck is the deal???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

closet mess

The kids just had a bath and were running around naked. Evie has been picking out her own clothes lately, so I told her go get your clothes. Of coarse Christopher followed, but when no one returned I went looking for them. I didn't see anyone in their room, but heard some noise. Christopher was in Evie's closet! No evie. I told him, "Get out of there!" Then I smelled the smell.

He had pooped in her closet, and was climbing out. Thankfully most of the poop was in one spot, and the pee only went on a couple of shirts!! It could have been much worse than it was, but still poop in the closet come on! I cleaned him up, and began to clean up the mess. He must have been constipated because there was tons of poo. I didn't put a diaper on him because I wanted to hurry up and clean up the mess. Big mistake. When I returned from flushing the poo there was more on the floor! What the heck! Where could all this be coming from! I cleaned him, and put a diaper on. A little too late, since all he had inside him was already out.

So I guess the moral is that if your kids hasn't pooped keep a diaper on!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snack ideas

My kids love Popsicles. I hate all the sugar and no nutrition. So I started buying Moo Tubes from Aldis and freezing them. So they are eating frozen yogurt. I recently saw an add in a parenting magazine for Del Monte Fruit chillers. Each box is made from 1 lb. of fruit. So I bought some and my 19 month old son loves them! I actually like them to.

And the best thing is that they don't make to much of a mess. Unless your child turns it over and squeezes it out, but that usually only happens when they don't want to eat it. Which happens often with plain Popsicles. These are all in tubes so they don't drip like Popsicles on sticks. The fruit chillers are found in the grocery store with the canned fruits. I highly recommend them! We all love them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preschool orientation day for 2 year olds!

Evie and the teacher for the good bye song. Evie playing with a puzzle her parrot was done.
Evie's parrot!
The making of a parrot!
Class just started!
Evie has been begging me for months to go to school. I would get her dressed and she'd put on her backpack then ask, "I go school today!" Only to be disappointed when I said "NO". She would get so sad that I thought of paying for a couple hours of day care and telling her it was school! Finally one day a friend told me of a church that runs a preschool and has a 2 year old class. I got her signed up that day!

Today was the orientation day. When the kids go to the class for a short time (1 hour) with parents. They meet the teachers and other kids. This also allows them to get used to the class setting with the comfort of mommy or daddy being there. They had the kids sit on the circle and talked to us. Then they read a book about preschool while parents filled out paperwork. Then the kids made a craft. They glued tissue paper (feathers) on pre-cut out parrots! The kids who finished first did puzzles while waiting for other to catch up. Then they talked more to parents. Finally the kids were allowed to play freely for about 20 min, and then the goodbye song.

It was so cute. Only one other mom brought a camera. I was not about to miss a minute of it despite the fact I was slightly embarrassed taking tons of pics! They must think I am crazy! They sent home book orders (remember those from school). I used to love those. I'm more excited about it than she is. I don't think she realizes we can buy the books and actually have them. They also already have a field trip for the end of the month scheduled. They are going to an orchard to pic apples. I am so going! I think daddy and BoBo will go to! Then next month she gets school pics! I am super excited! I am sad though I will miss her when she is at school, life is moving by to fast. I think I will take advantage of the time with BoBo and enroll him in a mommy and me swim class.

Sick kids

I thought Christopher was getting better, but then a horrible cough started. He sounds like an old man. It is really bad. So bad that yesterday he threw up twice. Then last night Evie woke up with a fever and feeling horrible. In fact she felt so bad last night that she cried, "I need go my doctor!" I told her the doctor's office was closed we could go to see grandpa, who thankfully is a doctor. She refused and said, "No I need my doctor!" I told her again his office was closed we would have to go to the hospital. So she said, "I need go hospital!"

I had already given her ibuprofen and once it kicked in she was fine. However, the fever didn't go away I had to alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3 hours all night long. She slept next to me and sure enough every 3 hours I woke up because she was so hot!

She woke up in the morning with a sore throat. She didn't complain, but she didn't sound like her normal self. I gave her medicine, and she insisted she was all better. Probably, because she knew that today was her school orientation day. I did take her not realizing how sick she actually was. It was only an hour, but at the end she sat on my lap and said, "I want go home and sleep!" I knew then she was really sick. We went home and laid down she was out in minutes, and so was Christopher.

Daddy had already called the doctor and made appointments for today. So when they woke up we got ready and went to the doctor. I didn't think it was that bad. Christopher's cough concerned me, but so many people are sick right now I figured he picked up a virus. Daddy was worried because of swine flu. Thankfully it wasn't swine flu.

Evie has strep throat and has to take antibiotics for 10 days. Christopher and I may get it since we were all sharing drinks, even at the doctor's office! I thought we all had the same thing. Christopher has brochiolitis. The doctor said there is wheezing in his lungs. He is apparently more susceptible to it since he had RSV. He has to have 2 different types of nebulizer treatments, one every 6 hours and one twice a day! The first time we had to hold him down, but the second was easier. So I hope it goes better tomorrow. I don't know if I am supposed to continue them when he sleeps or not. I should have asked that at the doctor's office. I will have to call tomorrow and see. For now if he is sleeping I will let him sleep.

I have a sore throat and feel crummy today. If it doesn't go away my doctor gave me an order to get a strep test and see. I plan on waiting because I am to tired to go to the hospital for the test. Plus, I don't think I feel that bad. Just an achy tired body, and scratchy throat. So we shall see.

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