My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afraid to Forget!

Every time I wish my kids were older so life would be a little easier I shutter. The thought of my babies no longer being babies brings tears to my eyes with the painful realization that one day they won't need me any more. Hopefully they will always come to me for advice, and if I'm really lucky they will actually follow it. But the painful reality is that they will grow up and move away.

Already I see so much change in Evangeline. She wants to feed herself, actually she insists on it! I don't get much say in that department. She tells me "Bye, Bye" and leaves the room to go play in another. I know these are all good things, but one day I'm gonna really miss these little things.
The annoying way she insists I rub her head to help her go to sleep. The way she follows me from room to room. How sometimes she actually pulls my pants down while getting my attention so I'll pick her up. Which can be really embarrassing, make sure your pants fit well!!!

Christopher is growing up so fast too. Sometimes he doesn't even let me rock him to sleep. He wants to just lay down and then he falls asleep on his own. He tries to hold his bottle now. Which ends up in more play than eating, but he's learning. Some day he will grab his spoon and scream at me when I try to feed him, and some day he won't even need me to cook for him.

The sad thing is that some days I wish they weren't babies. The ironic thing is one day they won't be and I'll wish they were. The unfortunate thing is that with both of them being so little life gets so hectic that it is impossible to take in all these little things. I want to remember everything. Half the time I forget what I'm doing from one room to the next let alone savoring the time with my children. I'm so afraid that life is moving to fast. How do you slow it down?

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