My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afraid to Forget!

Every time I wish my kids were older so life would be a little easier I shutter. The thought of my babies no longer being babies brings tears to my eyes with the painful realization that one day they won't need me any more. Hopefully they will always come to me for advice, and if I'm really lucky they will actually follow it. But the painful reality is that they will grow up and move away.

Already I see so much change in Evangeline. She wants to feed herself, actually she insists on it! I don't get much say in that department. She tells me "Bye, Bye" and leaves the room to go play in another. I know these are all good things, but one day I'm gonna really miss these little things.
The annoying way she insists I rub her head to help her go to sleep. The way she follows me from room to room. How sometimes she actually pulls my pants down while getting my attention so I'll pick her up. Which can be really embarrassing, make sure your pants fit well!!!

Christopher is growing up so fast too. Sometimes he doesn't even let me rock him to sleep. He wants to just lay down and then he falls asleep on his own. He tries to hold his bottle now. Which ends up in more play than eating, but he's learning. Some day he will grab his spoon and scream at me when I try to feed him, and some day he won't even need me to cook for him.

The sad thing is that some days I wish they weren't babies. The ironic thing is one day they won't be and I'll wish they were. The unfortunate thing is that with both of them being so little life gets so hectic that it is impossible to take in all these little things. I want to remember everything. Half the time I forget what I'm doing from one room to the next let alone savoring the time with my children. I'm so afraid that life is moving to fast. How do you slow it down?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Siblings Love or Hate?

My son adores my daughter. He watches everything she does so intently. He pays more attention to her than to me! He gets excited when she is near and tries to grab hold of her. Does he think she is a toy? Or maybe he just can't wait to play with her. He has grabbed her hair on a number of occasions and her shirt is another of his favorites.

Once I thought they were both playing together so well. They looked like they were both examining the same thing very intently so I grabbed the camera. Only to discover their heads were so close together because Christopher had Evangeline's hair and she couldn't get away. When she finally pulled away she pulled back so hard she landed on her bottom. It didn't stop her from coming back to play some more though. However, upon her return she held her hand up as if to say, "Stop"! He just grabbed her shirt, which made it even harder for her to pull away.

She loves him to. She lays next to him on the floor, often putting her head on his or on his back. She constantly kisses him. In fact I am positive she gave him RSV when he was two months old. Hey, brothers and sisters gotta share right! She gives him toys and his binkie. She tries to feed him his bottle. She won't share her lovey, her blanket called "Softy".

She was given a cookie monster doll one night. When Christopher saw it he fell in love. The next morning I asked her if she wanted it. She did the sign for "Baby". So I asked her do you want me to give Cookie Monster to your baby brother. She did the proud laugh that says, "You understood me!" So I gave it to her brother who laughed hysterically while he tried to chew on Cookie Monster's eyes. What an awesome sister, Huh?

A little too awesome, she shares to much, I almost had a heart attack when I realized she would also try to feed him. She was eating yogurt, and he was in his jumperoo. He looked like he had spit up, but it was pink. He didn't eat anything pink so I was worried. I smelled it. It smelled like yogurt so of coarse I tasted it! Yep, it was strawberry yogurt. Evie has given him some. No more walking around with food!!! Yikes!

The problem is she also smacks him at times. I tell her no to be nice or careful, but as if to spite me she smacks him harder. I don't know if she understands. I really think she does. That is why it bothers me so much. He doesn't seem to mind. He is a tank! At 6months he is over 17 lbs. Friday I will know how much for sure, his 6month check up. He fervently kicks anything that touches his feet. So I am sure when he does this she thinks he is kicking her.

I know there will be fights and sometimes it won't be pretty, but I'd like to do the best I can to prevent them. Sometimes I can see it in Evie's eyes the disappointment when she needs me or wants me, but I am taking care of Chris. She cries a little, but on most occasions she seems to understand and just waits.

Silly Girl!

We have a large Fisher Price Doll House that I have had for years. It was on sale at Toys R Us once and I never had a doll house so I couldn't pass it up. Good thing! My daughter loves it. She's a little to young, but from the time she could stand she's been playing with it.

However, the yesterday she took a chair from the doll house into the living room and tried to sit on it. Only to fall on her bum and look at us slightly confused.

It was hilarious we laughed so hard. I hope it didn't hurt her feelings because she just looked bewildered. I told her it would be better to sit in her own chair. My mom got her a Disney Princess chair for Christmas. It's a cute pink throne, and she loves it. She carried the doll house chair around for a while, but didn't try that again.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Depth Perception?

Until recently I thought of my daughter as fearless. Lately she has developed seemingly odd fears of cracks in the ground. We live on the fourth floor of an apartment building, thank God we have an elevator. The last few times we have gone in or out of the elevator she has cried unless someone holds her hand when crossing the gap in the floor where the doors open. She is petrified of it. I guess since you can see down it that would be a rational fear especially for a toddler. Her fear of it is not what has surprised me it is the sudden onset of this fear.

She also recently was afraid to walk on a friends deck. We attend a play group at the local library every week. In the room there is a large stage that is put together by 8 separate squares being joined underneath. The stage is only a foot or two of the ground. Today she was terrified to walk from one square to the other. She wouldn't cross the cracks unless I held her hand. She tried to get an older girl, possibly 8, to hold her hand once to help her, but the girl didn't know her and didn't understand. The thing about this is last Monday she didn't even seem to notice the cracks.

I don't know if this is a normal part of development. Has she suddenly acquired depth perception? Or is she just more aware of these things? I know nothing bad has happened to her in conjunction with these cracks.

I guess she just recently realized that part of the floor is different, but she doesn't know why. Maybe that is why she is afraid because she doesn't know what it is. I don't know, and I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. It's no big deal to reach down and hold her hand, and to reassure her that everything is alright. This is just all so new to me.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Discipline and punishment! Any Help!!!!!

I don't want to use spanking at all. But I honestly don't know how to discipline or punish my children at 6 months and 16 months. Are they too young?

Not that spanking really works or anything, but it is all I know. That's how I grew up. Until I went to college and took some psychology classes I had fully intended on spanking my children as well. Only now that I believe I shouldn't do it I don't really know what to do. Any ideas?

I know time outs but I can't put my kids in time out. I'd have to sit on my one year old for her to stay for even half a minute. I do constantly say no and distract them or remove them from whatever it is. However, I am often busy with one child and need them to stop at a firm "NO" especially when it is something potentially dangerous. Am I just dreaming or is that even possible.

Not myself.

I haven't posted in a while I just don't feel right. I don't know what it is. All I have the energy for lately is the kids. Which results in ignoring myself. I am ashamed to admit it but at this moment I'm not even sure which day I showered last. I just feel so low. I don't know why. I called the Madison center to set up an appointment on Thursday morning to talk to someone. Good thing I'm not suicidal because apparently they are too busy to return calls. It's like I'm in a crowded room, but feel alone. I am happy and grateful to be blessed with my wonderful kids which makes me feel even worse about being depressed. How could any one be down when they have these to beautiful angels to spend the day with? Any way I didn't abandon my site. It is one of the only things I do for myself, and it actually helps me feel better. It's my sanity in this insane world.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Copy Cat Queen!

My daughter just adores her 6 year old uncle, my youngest brother. She copies everything he does!!! Some times it is cute but the ramifications often have devastating results. She hits and throws things after being around him. She goes from a perfect angel to a perfect demolition artist. He gets her so fired up that we often start referring to her as Evie the Destroyer!

I don't know what to do about this. It's not fair to keep them apart, after all they are family. However, she has a six month old brother. I am hoping he survives. She has smacked him a few times. Lucky for me, or him, that he is very tough. He usually flinches then looks at her like she's crazy. I am not so forgiving. I don't want to hit her back, which I did swat her hand once and instantly regretted it. I just don't know what to do. Usually the more I tell her no the more she does it. I try to show her how to touch and tell her how to. Sometimes it works others well her brother isn't so lucky those times. He doesn't seem to get hurt at all by it, but that doesn't mean I should let it go either.

I don't want to use spanking at all. But I honestly don't know how to discipline or punish a 1 year old! Not that spanking really works or anything, but it is all I know. That's how I grew up. Until I went to college and took some psychology classes I had fully intended on spanking my children as well. Only now that I believe I shouldn't do it I don't really know what to do. Any ideas.

I am also worried about what she is teaching her brother. I hope the effects of this on him are not bad. Hopefully he forgets about it and it doesn't damage him psychologically. Who really knows what it will do?

I tell my brother to stop and constantly remind him that he is teaching her bad things. Some times he stops, but most times he thinks it is funny. I can't convey the serious of it to him he's to young. My husband doesn't want them playing together. He is the only one she does this with. I am serious you wouldn't even think she is only 16 months watching her run around and copy every thing my brother does. It is funny to watch, but that's it.

One time in church my mom was busy so my brother slid on his knees across the floor. Next thing I know my toddler is crawling on the floor and sprawling out on her back in the middle of the floor just laughing as hard as she can. I was slightly embarrassed, but she's only one so most people just smile. I can just imagine the thoughts swimming through their heads.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Traveling, and traveling, and traveling some more!

Well the theme park was fun and exhausting. We got home to find a message that a bunch of my husbands relatives from West Virginia were visiting his parents in Michigan. We hadn't seen them in 3 or 4 years. So Saturday morning we packed up for more traveling.

We weren't in the car for more than an twenty minutes and my daughter said she was done. We the DVD player that kept her a little distracted, but by the time we finished our hour and twenty minute drive she was READY to get out of the car. She was wired all day. I did get her to take a two hour nap, but it was so late in the day that it only made matters worse. She was up until midnight after that. With all the excitement even her brother stayed up late. They slept until almost 11 this morning. Yeah, for me!!!!

They had so much fun visiting all their relatives. I am so glad my kids are not really shy. At first Evie was a little unsure and stayed close to me, but once she realized everything was OK she was everywhere! Christopher is just always all smiles! I hope he stays that way. I know hes not really old enough to have stranger anxiety yet.

Fun in the sun!

Well Indiana Beach, the theme park we went to on Friday, actually was really fun. Yes, it was hot, and at times Christopher, my 5 month old, looked miserable. I was really worried mostly due to his heath problems. I really tend to baby him, but you would to after your son spent half a month in the hospital. However, he had a lot of fun too. I felt bad because he had to spend most of the day in the stroller. I wasn't taking any chances so until we were shaded from the sun, late midday, I did my best to just keep him totally out of the sun. So when I did take him out and start carrying him around he refused to go back in. He arched his back and twisted his body so much. It was cute. I put him in the front carrier until we left. He was soooo happy!

Evie my 16 month old had a blast. She loved the kiddie rides in kiddie land. She loved the snow cones and ice cream. At the end of the day she had three different outfits on. One shirt was completely blue, snow cone, and the other was brown from ice cream! Half the time she didn't want off the rides. She is really into cars right now. Which is great because most the kiddie rides were cars. She was so cute!

Nap time however wasn't so easy. We had to give her snow cones or ice cream or some other treat just to get her to sit in her stroller at all during the entire day. They had a restaurant, which was slightly expensive, but air conditioned. So we went there and had appetizers that we ate really slow allowing Evie to nap. She fell asleep while we were waiting for a table. I wish she would have slept longer, but her hour nap was a godsend considering the circumstances. Christopher didn't have so much trouble all we had to do for him was drape a blanket over the stroller blocking out some of the sun.

We spent more money than I would have liked. We went a little over board at the games. You know the cheap carnival type games that have crappy prizes that your kid plays with for one day then they collect dust. We got tuns of stuffed animals which are worse because she won't ever play with them and they take up so much space!!!!! I hate them!

All in all it was a great day and we had lots of fun. I am so glad we went. I got some great pics because I know they won't remember!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can you cry over spilled juice?

I thought I was going to have a great day. I woke up with the kids and was actually awake. Everyone ate breakfast and played. Then at 10 everyone was asleep for a nap! Yeah!!

At 11 my son woke up so we played together until noon when my daughter woke up. Time for lunch. I decided to make spaghetti ohs and grilled cheese (for the first time ever) how hard can it be right? Apparently very hard. They stuck to the pan, fell apart, and were all gushy. They looked horrible.

I was going to eat the worst looking one. The decent looking one was for my daughter. Unfortunately, on my way to the table carrying a plate with 2 not so yummy looking grilled cheese sandwiches and a small glass of apple juice I tripped. I spilled the juice all over the decent looking sandwich.

I couldn't help it I started balling. Both my kids were in their high chairs and looked at me totally confused. My son started laughing. I gathered my composure, threw out the soaking wet sandwich, and tried to salvage lunch.

I broke the yuckiest looking grilled cheese (and the only one that wasn't soggy) into some what decent looking bites for my daughter. She refused to eat the spaghetti ohs. Then refused to eat the sandwich too. I couldn't help it I felt like I screwed up everything, and started crying. My daughter must have felt bad because she started eating the grilled cheese. I tasted it, and it was actually pretty good.

Dreading the theme park!

Tomorrow we are supposed to go on a day trip to Indiana Beach. It's an amusement park and water park. I am totally dreading the trip. Going any where with two little ones is a hassle, and a day trip outside in this heat!!!

So why go you ask? Because I know it will either be a great fun day or the worst day ever. So what do you do? You can't not live just because you might have a bad experience. That's not the life lesson I want my kids to learn. You gotta try! Even though they are to small to learn anything from this I have to stick by my principles. If I let myself out of this one maybe the next time they will be old enough to get the wrong idea.

I have a million reasons not to go... money, (we are free through my husband's employer, but we're bringing my brother isaac he's 6, sisters abby 8, racheal 12, and ashley 20) me and my big mouth! Well there family what can you do? Can't live with them, but can't live without short visits with them! Just kidding! I love them.

It is going to be really hot. I mean like super duper hot. I heard it will be around 90. Who goes anywhere with little ones in heat like that?

I don't know what to do. If we don't go I will feel bad. If we do go and don't have fun it will be worse. I can't make up my mind, and by this point everyone is excited about going. What would you do?

Should I go or should I stay?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm all done?

My daughter tells me she's all done after she's been in her high chair for a little bit. The problem is she's not all done eating yet. I guess she just doesn't want to sit any longer, but she does this all the time. She will insist that she is done. Most times I can distract her so she stays a little longer. She will continue to eat, but she always tells me she's done. When I give in and let her out she only goes a little while until she tells me she wants something to eat again.

I don't know what to do. Obviously, I can't force her to eat. If she says she is done and I don't let her up the only thing that happens is a melt down. I try to avoid her tantrums if I can. But having two small children makes it difficult to feed her a couple bits every few minutes. Plus, she wakes up at night more often now because she's hungry.

I don't know why she is doing this she just started it the past few days. It is wearing me out. She has also just started insisting on feeding herself. Which drives me crazy. She doesn't eat as much as if I fed her, and the mess is horrible. I know I need to let go so she can learn, but I think this is part of the problem. She only has a small window of time she will sit in her high chair. Therefore I need to make the most of it, and get the food in while she's in it. I think. I really don't know any ideas anyone!!!!

She is so tiny as it is. I am afraid of her losing weight to because of this behavior. She's only 20 lbs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh forget it!

I had a great post for tonight on how hard being a parent is. Mostly I was complaining about how hard a job it is without the respect that comes from such a hard job. But I got an error so forget it! I got all my griping out and can't do it again. At least not tonight! I'm sure someone will make me mad tomorrow! Not my kids! They are perfect angels! I love them and I love my job as a mommy! I just get frustrated with the rest of the world!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Energizer Bunny!

My daughter has more energy than the Energizer Bunny! I swear it! She keeps going and going and going...

She woke up at 7 am which is early for her. She normally sleeps until 9 or even 10. I think it is because her baby brother was playing loudly in his crib next to her. Then when ever he would roll over or get stuck he would cry. I was trying to get her back to sleep, but kept having to get up to take care of him. Finally, she sat up and did the sign telling me she wanted a bath. Thus the beginning of the never ending day.

We were up and dressed before daddy got home from work after 8. So we all went to the park. Which was sooooo nice. It was early so it wasn't to hot, and nobody was there. It was great. She had a blast exploring. She usually only gets to be in the baby part because normally it's just me, her, and her brother. So I can't let her climb on anything, but with daddy there to help there was no end to the fun.

After the park we went and got some ice cream. Evie was getting tired so we headed home. She fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep until we got home. I was putting her into bed when I realized she desperately needed a diaper change. She had pooped. Try staying asleep when your getting your butt scrubbed! Needless to say her nap was short lived probably only 30 maybe 45 minutes.

Then we went to the library for pack a sack story time. She loves the library. We signed up for the summer reading program so we went inside after the picnic. She got one of those fake tattoos for reading 10 books (listening to them she's smart but not that smart)! I put it on her leg she got mad it wouldn't come off! When I wanted to leave she got pissed and threw a tantrum. I know it was because she was tired. So we went home and tried for a nap. Nope didn't happen.

Some friends called so we went back to the park. She played more and we went for a little walk. She insisted on walking and not ridding in her stroller. So when we left I thought surely she would fall asleep. Nope.

So we went home. Some friends came by with their daughter to hang out for a while. My youngest brother (he's 6) and youngest sister (8) were here also. I thought surely this would wear her out. Nope, she played with the kids like there was no tomorrow, and just kept trucking.

Finally at 6pm she fell asleep, but bed time isn't until 8pm. I knew this would be a problem, and sure enough it was. She slept for a hour and woke up. I think she was hungry, but now to tired and cranky to eat. No, I was wrong again batting 1,000 today I guess. She had a nap and was ready to go, go, and go some more.

It is now 9:30 and she is still awake on my lap, making it very hard to type. I am totally exhausted and praying I can stay up until I can get her to sleep. I have laid down with her I don't know how many times. Wish me luck I'm gonna need it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breaking the bottle!

My daughter is over 16 months now, and yes she still gets a bottle. I have tried so unsuccessfully to get rid of it. I don't know what to do. I refuse to take it away and just let her cry for it. That is one thing I simply can not do. It seems like torture.

She was doing pretty well and for a while only getting a bottle or two during the night if she needed. Sometimes she would ask for one before bed, but usually she would only get one around 3 or 5 am. Did I forget to mention she has yet to sleep through the night? I think its because she is so tiny. It doesn't matter how much she eats for dinner she wakes up hungry around 5 or 6 usually, but to tired to wake up. So she gets a bottle.

This was going great until we tried to get her to sleep in her own bed. Then she became a whinny and clingy monster baby. To mommy only of coarse. Also she developed an even greater attachment to her bottle. Then she got sick and now she only wants the bottle. I try to give her something else but she refuses. Sometimes it is so hot I know she desperately needs a drink so of coarse I give her the bottle. I try to push the sippy cup as much as possible when we go out I wasn't even bringing a bottle with us.

Until the park. It was so hot that day, and even I was dying for a drink. We didn't stay long because I knew if I was dying from the heat the kids were to. I knew she was thirsty, but she refused to drink anything. She wanted her bottle. She screamed and cried for it. I told her I didn't have on she had to drink her sippy. It didn't matter she screamed until we got home and got a bottle. So now I am back to square one. Any ideas!

According to her Pediatrician she needs to stop the bottle and should have already done so. It can apparently cause speech delays, ear infections, and teeth problems. We have already had a few ear infections so I'm really worried as it is. I have caught all her ear infections before they got bad, but taking antibiotics often isn't good either.

Most of the time she refuses her sippy, but, this probably sounds horribly mean, if I can get the straw into her mouth she usually drinks some of it. She absolutely will not drink out of any sippy cup other than the ones with straws. She will drink out of regular cups. I have small ones that I give her with a little bit of water at a time. The plan for now is to do the only thing I can do, and that is not give up! Wish me luck!

I want to ride the pony!

The other day I was crawling around on all fours picking up toys. When it occurred to me that my daughter has never had a pony ride. So I scooped her up on my back and carried her around while I finished cleaning. She had so much fun. In fact to much fun.

Now I can't get down on the floor or she crawls onto my back. Thankfully she has a short attention span and gets bored or distracted quickly. That's not the worst part though. Yesterday, her brother the scooter was minding his own business when he got an unexpected passenger. Yep, she sat down on his back, more like his bum.

Oh, Yeah I freaked. Before I could get to them he just slowly stretched out his neck and turned his head back to see what was going on. He looked like a turtle! It was so funny, and the look on his face said, "What the heck are you doing?" But then he smiled at her and turned his head back to what ever he was focused on before the interruption. Despite his indifference to his new passenger I removed his sister. Then I said, "Evie, we don't go for pony rides on baby brother!"

Thankfully she is tiny and he's kind of big. She only weighs 20lbs 13oz and he weighs 17lbs. At least they both get along, for now anyways!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

She's after my chicken nuggets!

When my daughter first started to scoot around she did a commando low crawl. The first time she did it we were at my mom's house. My mom had bought Mcdonalds. My brother who is 6 was eating his happy meal on the floor 2 feet away from Evie. I asked him to keep an eye on her while I got my food. The house is very open so I could see them from the kitchen, but he feels important when he gets to help out.

I was sorting out who's food was whose when he started yelling, "She's after my chicken nuggets! HELP! NO Evie you can't have my chicken nuggets!" I knew she was to far from him to get them so I went in for a closer look.

Any parent has seen this look on their child's face. The determined look a baby gets when he or she is trying so hard to get something they desperately want. Especially when they can't yet get to it or talk about it. It is a look of pure concentration a bomb could not disturb this look.

She really did want those nuggets, and was trying seriously to get them. There was only one problem although she was using every ounce of her being to get to those nuggets she was moving backwards. Her first scooting was a backwards low crawl in a desperate attempt to snag some chicken nuggets.

At 16 months she still loves those chicken nuggets. Every time we go to McDonalds I get the biggest, happiest, full body smile when I hand her a nugget! Success at last!

My son the inch worm!

My son has mastered the roll over and been working on scooting for about 3 weeks now. He spends a lot of time in his rain forest jumperoo, because he loves it. He jumps like crazy in it. I think because of that his legs are really strong.

To help him work towards crawling I have been giving him tons more tummy time. I have been putting favorite toys just out of reach and I don't have a crawler yet. I have an inch worm. My son is officially a scooter.

He pulls his legs up close to his body and then uses them to push his body forward. By doing this he slowly inches his way to whatever he is after. Except when he gets tired then his face gets pushed down and driven right into the carpet. That doesn't stop him though he just keeps pushing on with his legs. Honestly, I am surprised he doesn't have rug burn on his forehead.

Still it is the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor Sick Baby Girl!

Monday night was unusually pleasant. I got Christopher to bed by his bed time 7:30 and Evie to bed by hers 8. I thought this was to good to be true. I cleaned up a little got on the Internet, and then decided I had better get some sleep. I felt I might be needing it. So at 9:30 I laid down. I tossed and turned because something just didn't feel right. Then it hit. Around 10:30 my daughter sat up in bed vomiting. It was horrible she threw up so much and was gagging on it. I quickly picked her up and held her slightly upside down. I thought gravity might help. I don't know if it did, but she didn't like it. This was the beginning of our week long nightmare.

I immediately called in reinforcements. My husband works nights so I'm all alone with my tiny tots at night. My sister said if she throws up again call and she'll head on over. Well a little over a half hour later I had to call in the troops. I unlocked the door for her, and good thing I did. By the time she got here Evie was wedged between my back and the wall crying(I was sitting up in bed with her next to me), and Christopher was in my lap screaming. I was trying to feed him, but he just kept screaming.

Evie wanted only mommy of coarse so I reluctantly gave Christopher to Ashley, my sister, to take care of. I didn't want to because I knew Evie had an upset tummy, but I didn't know what was wrong with Christopher. I held Evie and she slept, and vomited all night long. At first it was every 15-30 minutes then after 3 am it slowed down to every hour. Christopher finally ate his bottle and went to sleep. My sis crashed on our couch. Chris woke up two more times, but Evie was sleeping to I just took care of him.

Tuesday I rushed them both to the doctor. Evie of coarse had a virus and I could only let it take its coarse. Christopher he thought had Colic. He told me to get gripe water and or gas drops. Also to rub his tummy or gently push his legs toward his abdomen when he fusses.

Besides a little diarrhea from Evie and crankiness from Chris Tuesday was uneventful. So Wednesday morning we let Evie have some milk. Uh, Oh, she vomited. It was a burp followed by all the milk. I thought maybe she just drank it to fast, and let it go. I was wrong Wednesday night the vomiting was back. We were up until 4 am. She was so upset because she was thirsty, but if I let her have even a tiny drink of anything it came right back up. She cried, and I cried. Every time she would vomit it was only dry heaves, and you could tell by the look in her eyes how painful and scary it was. I wanted to help her so much, but all I could do was hold her. Talk about feeling absolutely useless.

Thursday she slept a lot, but besides a few bouts of diarrhea all was quiet. Friday morning she woke up happy, but soaked her diarrhea was so watery it leaked out her diaper. It was horrible and reeked of rotten fish. I cleaned her up and we were on our way to the kitchen for breakfast when she threw up. She was so mad at me because she wanted to eat, but I made her wait an hour. She threw up a couple more times throughout the day, and had diarrhea also. I felt so bad for her you would hear an explosion followed by liquid running, and you just knew.

I started putting A&D ointment on her bum. Today was really rough though because I am exhausted. I invested in some Pepsi to help me through this! Evie is feeling some what better. I never know one minutes she's playing the next she's crying and pulling on my pants. This evening she seemed really happy and playful. Back to her normal self I hope. She's still mad at me she wants to eat more foods, but I am afraid to give them to her. She hasn't had milk since Wednesday. She's been living of Pedialyte, crackers, bananas, and Ramen noodles.

In the mean time this week I have been cleaning and sanitizing the house like a mad women. ALL her toys were washed in a bleach solution. I even wiped down walls anything she could or would touch.

I don't know it we are out of the woods yet, so wish us luch and say a prayer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No longer beautiful! Who has time?

Every where I go I see at least one mom who looks like she just stepped out of a salon. Maybe she did. I really don't know. What I want to know is where did she find the time? She will have perfect hair, makeup, and clothes, and I just want to smack her! Not really but I desperately want to ask how she does it.

First off all my oldest child is 16 months, and over the last 2 years I can only name 2 times I have put on makeup. My brother in laws wedding and my son's baptism. I think there was a third time, but I am not sure. It would have been my daughter's baptism, and because that was a very important day I'm sure I probably put makeup on.

Secondly how do they even have time for a shower let alone do their hair. My shower (if I get one) follows one of two possible scenarios. One I am alone in the bathroom. My husband who works nights is awake and watching the kids. However, my daughter who is mama's girl has slipped away from him (which is not hard to do remember she's only 16 months) and discovered me in the bathroom with the door shut. So she begins to pound on the door while she cries and screams "mooooom, mama, mamamama, maaaamaaa!" Until I either break down and open the door, which I frequently do, or I hurry as fast as I can to finish and let her in. Let me tell ya there is nothing worse than hurrying to finish your shower only to be getting dressed and realize you forgot to rinse out the shampoo or use soap at all! In this case I am usually slowly getting madder and madder at my husband after all does anyone bang on the door when he's in the shower???? "NO"

The second scenario is I am in the shower and my son is sitting in his bouncy chair right next to the tub. This way I can easily pop in his binky if he needs it. My daughter is either in the shower to, (I learned the hard way we needed a no slip mat on the floor, Ouch!), or she is playing around in the bathroom. Which means she is opening and shutting the shower curtain every 5 seconds soaking herself, her brother, and the floor. Hey three showers for the price of one! Maybe not.

If I don't want to endure any of this torture I simply skip the shower. Don't worry you can stand by me I won't go more than 2 days like that. Ok, 3 at the most!

Now the hair. Who has time to do their hair? I brush mine after I shower. That's the end. I need a really beautiful mom cut that doesn't say, "Hey I'm a lazy mom! But rather, "I'm a sexy mom who does her hair!" when I really don't. Got any tips!!!! Remember I brush my hair and that's it!! By that time one child or the other is screaming for something.

I can't tell you how many times I left the house to realize I forgot to brush my teeth!!! But I didn't forget my daughter's blankie we call it softy.

Oh, and beauty products! My product of choice is baby magic! Yes, I am a mom, but I smell like a baby!

At least the only man who matters (my husband) still thinks I am sexy. I think he just says so to make me feel better. It doesn't really work I know better! But I love him anyway!

High Chair Disappointment!

I am so disappointed in the high chair that I simply loved (in the store). It matched everything, we had a pooh theme at first, and all it's features sounded perfect. However, what sounds good and what is actually practical are all to often separate things all together. My first disappointment came when we got the chair home and put together. Our dinning room is carpeted, and the wheels don't roll well on it. Well big deal you might say, or at least that is what I said.

The big problem came this evening after my daughter vomited all over while sitting in her high chair. I soon discovered that all the glorious features make it exceptionally difficult to clean. All the moving parts mean nooks and crannies for stuff to get lodged inside of, and stuck permanently. Yuck, old food and vomit! Not to mention all the harness straps were next to impossible to get off. I am praying I will be able to get them back on!!!!

It took me forever to get it clean, and made me realize how really dirty it was even before this happened. I had thought I was doing a good job keeping it clean until I was forced to move things and take some of it apart. Let me tell you, "GROSS" is an understatement. When it comes to your kids and where they eat clean is a MUST! Keep that in mind when you shop for a high chair.

I did some looking for a new chair and the only ones I could find with out all the problems I discovered were really expensive. One I loved (when I saw it online) was 300.00$. Yikes. My daughter is definitely queen in this castle, but no way! disinf

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mommies little biter!

My precious angel has a vicious mean streak. She bites, but only me. The other day we went to Indianapolis for a day trip due to my younger sister dancing in the half time show during the Fever game (WNBA). So we all went and afterwards we went out to eat at Jillian's. It's kind of like Chuckie Cheese only for all ages, but more for grown ups than tots. She was being so good at dinner. Until she was done.

Then she signed that she was done, but I told her to wait a minute mommy wasn't done yet. She leaned over put her head against my arm. I mistakenly thought how cute she's cuddling with me. Then ouch! She had bitten me! I actually yelled out because it did hurt. I told her, "NO, that is called biting and it really hurts!" She didn't seem to really pay me any attention. In fact I know she didn't because she proceeded to bite me three more times.

This isn't the first time though. Sometimes she will just pull my hand down to her mouth and bite my finger. This is the first time she's bitten my arm. A couple times while hugging me she has bitten my shoulder, but she hasn't done that in a long time.

For some reason I am the only one she bites. She has bitten daddy only once. Maybe mommies taste better??? I don't know. I am pretty sure she's not teething she has tons of teeth. She even has her molars in. She won't let me look long enough to tell though.

I don't know what to do about it other than what I have been doing. I always respond the same. I tell her that its not OK and it hurts. Then I make a point to not give her any extra attention, and if she continues to do it I ignore her. I don't know any other way to discipline her about it. I don't think biting her back will solve anything. If its not OK for her why is it OK for me?

Cranky Baby!

My son has been the completely opposite of my daughter from day one. She always seems cranky, but she's not really. He on the other hand always has a smile, but don't let it fool you. He goes from ear to ear smiles to screaming in zero flat. At first we thought maybe he was more sensitive and just easily over stimulated, but now I am not so sure. He blows his top more and more frequently, and with more and more severity. Sometimes it is down right scary.

His melt downs usually occur just after a period of play time. If it had been a couple hours or so after he had eaten I would attempt to feed him. Sometimes he would eat, but usually he would scream for a bit and pass out. Then he would sleep for 30 minutes to a couple hours, and eat after waking up.

Lately, when he screams like this it takes longer to soothe him, and he screams more violently. He has always stiffened up and arched his back when doing this. I am wondering if something might be wrong or if he could be in pain. However, after he naps for a bit he wakes up happy, smiling, and cooing away as if nothing had happened.

He also wakes up every morning screaming until I take him into the living room begin playing with him. Because of this I was thinking that maybe he is just getting older and more aware of his surroundings. Maybe what he wants to do and what he can do are not the same thing resulting in a melt down. He could be teething, but I can't feel or see anything. At two months the doctor thought maybe he had colic, but I thought he would have grown out of that. He wasn't crying like this last month. It has only gotten to be so excessive with in the past two weeks.

I plan on taking him to the pediatrician this week so I'll let you know. If any one has any ideas I'm all ears. I really want my quiet baby back. This is getting so frustrating.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Talking, talking, and babbling.

Evangeline is just talking more and more every day. As you know her first real word wasn't exactly what we had hoped for. However, Saturday after she picked up my shoe I swear she said shoe. Which is more like her since she has been fascinated with shoes since she first discovered her feet. She has more pairs of shoes than I do, and even prefers to wear different ones on different days.

She also seems to be saying so much more. I'm not sure if she is or if as a parent I am making more out of babbles than really is there. She says something resembling thanks when you give her something or she gives you something. I'd like to think she's attempting to say, "Thank You!" We have a "You did it!" song we sing when she accomplishes something, and today it sounded like she was singing it.

She does do about 25 signs on her own. Last night it was almost time for dinner when she signed "eat". So I knew she was hungry and hurried up to feed her. She was so proud that I understood her.

This morning daddy was getting ready to take a shower. His shower is a walk in shower, and I was afraid she would slip and fall. So I told her "Don't go in there you can't take a shower unless daddy takes you in there." She stopped and looked at me and yelled, "Don't". Or at least that's what I think she said. It sure sounded like it.

She also says something that sounds like no, night night, hi, and bye. I know she understands almost everything I say. It's amazing how much she picks up. She really is a little sponge. We are starting to attempt to teach her Spanish. I bought her the program Muzzy. She loves to watch it. Also to reinforce what she hears I checked out books from the library in Spanish's and English. If its possible a Spanish speaking cousin is going to visit for the summer, and speak mostly Spanish to her.

I feel as a parent I have to do all that I can do for my child. That includes planning for their future, and doing whatever I can do to help open doors for that future. The bad news is I won't know if it works for about 20 or 30 years. Wish me luck!

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