My angels!

My angels!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick Kids!

Evie was sick last week. She was vomiting for three days.  Then Friday Thaddeus vomited and started having diarrhea.  He has had the diarrhea since then.  Early Saturday morning Ally started vomiting.  I thought she was better because Sunday she didn't vomit all day until the second half of the Super Bowl (maybe she didn't like how the game was going).  She also started having diarrhea today as well.  The poor girl.  She wanted some milk today.  I told her no cause she would vomit if she drank milk.  She cried and said she wanted milk.  She then told me it was OK cause if she vomited she would vomit in her vomit bucket (a cleaned out butter tub)!  I caved and gave her the milk.  Christopher also started vomiting and diarrhea this am.  He's the only one who doesn't have yellow diarrhea.  He threw up all over his bed.  It was horrible I have no idea how he managed to get vomit everywhere.  After he had diarrhea he said that his butt vomited! I swear the only thing my kids share are their germs!  I was looking online and I think they may have the rotavirus.  I did take Evie to the doctor and he said she had Gastroenteritis.  Which apparently can be caused by the rota virus.  I'm not going to take them to get checked because they're not that sick to see the doctor and the treatment for rotavirus is the same for any virus.  I did get more hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, because it is very contagious.


Well, the niners didn't win the Super Bowl!  We are bummed.  Probably my husband more than anyone, but it was a fun game to watch.  Better luck next year I guess!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

5 year check up

Christopher had his 5year check up yesterday.  Thankfully he didn't need any shots! The main concern of coarse was his behavior.  He is still very defiant and argumentative.  He can be very aggressive and violent.  He has food issues that have gotten worse over the past month.  He is still having trouble sleeping, but now worse than ever.  He asks every night when its going to be morning, and complains that he forgot how to fall asleep!  It takes him 2 to 4 hours to fall asleep.  We are considering medication, but first we are going to try some vitamins for a month and see what happens.  I am supposed to get the following: focus factor, Behavior balance DMG, and Bioglan kids smart.  I am thinking about also getting melatonin to help him sleep.  I have always wondered if he slept through the night would his behavior be better?  My guess is yes. If I don't get enough sleep I can behave like a monster to.  The doctor says that many of the problems we describe are sensory and wants him to go back to Occupational Therapy (OT).  We did this before with little noticeable improvement, but that was almost 2 years ago (I think)!   We are also going to go to a psychologist.  The hardest part is how are we supposed to respond to him.  We don't want to do harm (physically or mentally).  However, if we don't do something soon eventually he will be to big and we won't be able to control him.  Now I often have to pick him up and carry him to his room.  I have had to use all my strength before to keep him from attacking his sister! 

Now it sounds like he is a horrible kid.  He is not! He is a very smart and loving person.  He just cannot help it.  He gets upset, frustrated, or angry and cannot control how he acts.  He loves to help and can be very loving.  He usually isn't gentle but that isn't on purpose either.  I always say he is basically 2 kids!  My angel and my demon all in one, but you never know what your gonna get!  And they can switch on you in an instant. 
P.S.  If any one has any experience with these medications or any advice please don't hesitate to leave me a comment!  At age 5 we really don't want to start medication.  I don't think the vitamins could do any harm, but I guess you never know.  I'm not sure if any long term research has been done on them.  I am just gonna trust my doctor, because I do trust him, and I am in way over my head! 

Go 49ers!

I am so glad the niners made it to the Super Bowl this year!  Jim Harbaugh has done amazing things with this talented team.  Can't wait to watch them win tomorrow.  Well at least I hope they do!  Either way, it will still be a great game! 

Go 49ers!

Sick Kids!

Today has been the longest day ever.  I have been up since 3:30 this morning.  Ally woke me up when she vomited.  She has been throwing up all day.  The worst part was when I thought she was alright and left the house.  I needed to stop at the post office and Wal-Mart.  That was a bad idea.  She started crying at the post office that she was hurting.  Then she threw up a massive amount!  It was awful.  I didn't bring the diaper bag in, so I had nothing with me.  We were probably the 10th people in line.  Everyone was nice.  We left.  One man did offer to mail my letter for me, but I declined since I hadn't paid for it yet. One man gave me a couple napkins so I could wipe her face off.  She feels fine, but everything she eats comes right back out!
Thaddeus is sick to but he has diarrhea.  He is so cranky and miserable.  He has hardly slept at all today.  He will be seven months tomorrow.  The worst part is every time he goes it is so watery it seeps out everywhere, and I have to change him. 
I hope they feel better tomorrow we are supposed to go to my moms and watch the Super Bowl.  The older kids aren't sick, and I know my mom is looking foreword to it.  She has ALS and doesn't get to leave much or have many visitors other than me and my sisters.  I hate it because many of my moms friends ask me on facebook how she is and if there is anything they can do.  If your really a friend don't talk to me go visit her!  That's my rant for the day!
Well wish me luck! Hopefully we all get some sleep tonight and get to watch the niners win it tomorrow with all the family!

Friday, February 1, 2013

You Look Like Your Gonna Have Another Baby!

I'm sitting on the couch with my 5year old daughter.  She has been sick and wants to cuddle. As we are sitting there watching television she begins to pat my belly.  She then looks up at me and says, "Mommy you look like your gonna have another baby!"  I look down and am shocked then say, "Your right!"  I hadn't noticed or was in denial but all the fat I lost from breast feeding was back and then some.  I did have a rounded belly just like during my pregnancies.  Thankfully not a full term belly!  Since then I have decided to exercise and eat better.  I won't say diet because I just can't diet.  I will try to make better choices, but mostly I am going to exercise.  I didn't want to start off with too much so since then I have done 50 crunches a day.  The day she brought me back to reality I did 100!  I know it isn't much, but there's a baby in my belly. HA!  Its a small start cause I know me if I over do it, I'm done doing it!  My parents have an elliptical I thought 20 minutes a day on that should be good.  HA HA HA HA.... I had no idea how hard of a work out using an elliptical was!  My butt was kicked after 5minutes.  My legs turned to jelly!  So for now 5minutes everyday we go to moms house, which is almost daily!  Wish me luck everyone and keep your fingers crossed.  I'd love to lose 30lbs!  I'd settle with being able to fit in my jeans again! 


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