My angels!

My angels!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost perfect day!

Today was almost perfect. I didn't get tons of stuff done, but that doesn't really make a day good or bad. The kids were up at 7:30am, which immediately scared me to death! I did not know how I would make it through the day! We usually start at 8:30 or even 9. I thought I wanted more sleep, but quickly woke up.

The kids played pretty good most of the day. We mostly followed my schedule perfectly. Breakfast at 8, but the kids didn't eat much. So by 10 they wanted a snack! Actually we saw a commercial for Gerber Yogurt melts, and Evie ran to the kitchen asking for a snack. She loves those! However, we didn't have any. I did have crunchies, and that is what they had. They ate about 3 servings each, 14 pieces X 3. Yes, I count them out! I am crazy, but I like to try to keep track of the kids nutrition. I don't do it with every thing.

Christopher took a nap from 11:22 to 1:30. Evie cried when I took her to bed. We laid down and watched Madagascar 2, but she fell asleep fast, and slept until 2:15! Mommy fell asleep to, but I woke up when my sister called we were all supposed to go shopping together. She is the one who just had a baby a month ago. When she went to leave the house her car wouldn't start. I felt so bad, but there was nothing I could do! She lives 20 min away, and I didn't have a car.

Both kids fell asleep before lunch so they ate lunch after they woke up. Christopher ate Gerber pasta pick up. Evie had apple and honey ham (lunch meat). I had to give Christopher some to. The meat I roll up really tight so it is like finger food. They eat it up that way! Any other way they won't touch it!

When daddy came home around 4:30 he was starving so we decided to go out to eat. We bought the kids back packs, but Evie's zipper broke so we took that back and went to a Mexican restaurant to eat. (I gotta take the new back pack back to, bad zipper again! Thanks Walmart! Do you know how hard it is to get the thing off her, let alone exchange it?

We went out to eat. The food was good, but the service not so much. It is just difficult when you have small kids, and servers don't pay attention to small things. Like refills! We saw our server 3 times, and were there for over an hour! I will complain more about this later!

After that the kids had a monthly play group at the library. They sing song, read books, make craft, and have snacks. I will talk more about this later as well. The best thing is that the kids get to play with others the same age or close! I love that! The worst thing is it is at 6:30pm to 7:30. Which means a later bed time. I aim for 8.

Christopher is asleep now, but Evie is playing around since mommy is on the computer! She already takes advantage and tries to get away with stuff. Plus, she is the master of distraction. She can change the subject in a conversation before you even know what hit ya! I'm in for a world of trouble! Well I gotta get her to bed, but I had a good day and am pleased! Tired, but going to bed happy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mom tip!

I have read that even though a table is clean in a restaurant it could still be teaming with germs.
This is because often they use the same cloth over and over to clean tables. Now a days with things like MRSA out there you can never be to careful. No matter what you do your toddler will eat off the table! You can't prevent it... Or can you!

I saw these table mats first at Babies R Us then Walmart, Kmart, and now the local grocery store. They are great! They don't cost to much, they are usually friendly to the environment (or at least the package says they are)! They give the kids something to look at, and provide a clean surface for the child to eat on!

The ones I buy are called "Table Toppers" You can also find them on they are great! And come in many different designs! They easily stick to the table and don't take up much room in the diaper bag! I use them so much that I bought a case similar to the type you use for wet wipes on the go! I can't say enough about these. When it comes to the safety of the kids, well you know!

This is a sample of what the Baby Einstein ones look like (borrowed the pic from table toppers) They have tons of others to choose from as well as tons of other way cool products!

These are not my normal posts and I am not getting paid to post this. I just really love things like this that are simple, but take some of the worry out of life!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Christopher is to big for his Thomas sneakers. He probably has been for a while because the seems at the toes are coming apart. So I bought him some cheap crock like shoes ($4), but now he has sores on one of his feet. I feel so bad, like I should have just paid more for better shoes. My daughter's sandals cost ($18). I am not kidding. Daddy bought them because she wanted them! They are Dora and light up! But no sores! So I guess maybe some times paying more is better????

Feeding the kids!

I have the hardest time finding foods the kids will eat. Really it is my daughter, Evie, is the pickiest eater ever! She might eat something today, but definitely won't tomorrow. Yesterday I made smoothies. 10oz juicy juice, apple banana, 2 containers Gerber 2nd foods Banana, and about 10 ice cubes (2 hand fulls). Then I blended it together, which scared Christopher to death! I felt so bad. Evie loved it. Today won't touch it! She pushed everything away and says, "No, Don't want it!" It is horrible.

I love the Graduates "Pasta Pick-ups" Christopher will always eat those! They are perfectly sized to, I take one everywhere! They also will usually eat the roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy meal to. That is the only one that Evie will eat! I feel so funny at the store because when they are on sale I buy 10 or 20 of them at a time. So when it is time to eat and she refuses everything else I can get her to eat something.

I am always searching for easy kid friendly foods. If anyone has any ideas. Let me know. My daughter is the only kid I know that won't eat PB&J or mac & cheese!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making Penguin Puppets

This is a craft we did one day. We made these penguins after watching the Good Night Show on Sprout. I highly recommend watching it, if you allow your little ones to watch tv. It is perfect for little ones. That channel and Noggin.
We had lots of fun. Mommy did most of the work. While the kids colored on construction paper, but if you ask them they will tell you they made them! We used toilet paper rolls, black construction paper, white construction paper, and a black marker. I taped them together because glue takes to long to dry. I used packing tape. I taped over the entire thing (making it sort of water proof). The kids have been playing with them (off and on) for over a month now!

Make your own laundry soap!

I have seen many recipes lately on the Internet, but they were all basically the same. This is the way I made mine!

Heat 4 cups of water on the stove to almost boil
Add 1 bar of soap shredded I use Dove
Heat until bar is dissolved
I use a 5 gallon bucket (with a lid)
Add 3 gallons of hot water to bucket
stir in soapy water from stove top
stir in 1 cup of arm and hammer washing soda
stir in 1 cup of borax
Let it sit overnight to cool. I usually wait 2 days.

I bought a large pack of soap, borax, the washing soda, metal shredder, and bucket. All of it cost me under 15$. I don't know how much money I have saved but it is a lot!

I reuse the jug from the last bottle of detergent I bought, and just refill it from the bucket. I will have to keep track this time to see how many times I refill the jug. I know the jug cost me around 5 dollars. I have already saved more than enough to pay for the supplies listed above.

I have not noticed any difference using my detergent versus the store bought. (I still have problems with stains, I have 2 toddlers! I don't know if I will ever get rid of all their stains!) If you have any hints on that let me know! If you like scented stuff you can add oils to the mix, but I don't know how much since I haven't done that yet. I am thinking about using lavender! I love the way it smells.

I have no idea why I didn't start doing this before. I still have tons left to make more! This is so easy and fun! Evie helped me this time. She was so happy to help cook! I measured the water then put it into a large bowl. I gave her a measuring cup and she put the water into the pan before I cooked it! Then she helped stir at the end!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Evie and I made dinner. We made a Shepard's pie. Evie added all the ingredients and mommy cooked it. Then she put the shredded cheese on top. Then we made our own laundry detergent I will talk more about that later. Then Christopher woke up and wanted to cook to. So we made homemade bread. It is rising right now. We made a big mess and had tons of fun! I have picks for later to, but the mess isn't cleaned up yet and I really don't want to add to it with alot of electronic equipment. Plus, the more I get out the more likely something will get broken! At least it will with the entire kitchen and dinning room in disarray!
This is the recipe for our bread. I'll let you know how it is!

What I like best!

I know that the last year hasn't been easy. Having kids so close in age is far from easy. Some days I don't know how I made it this far. Then I look at their smiling faces and I remember why and how I did it. They make every difficulty and sacrifice well worth it.

The best thing is how close they are. Despite being so young they are already great friends. They are happy to see each other every day when one wakes up in the morning and from naps. They love to play with each other. They worry about each other when one of them is crying. They figure things out together (more often as they get older) without help from mommy and daddy. They truly have a unique and wonderful relationship that will last a lifetime. Something that most people never get to have. They really are the best of friends.

Not that all day it is buddy buddy around here. However, they can be fighting one minute and laughing the next. I only interrupt when it is not fair or when someone can get hurt.

Polite Princess

Evie woke me up this morning. "Excuse me, Mommy. I Wet!"
How cute!
I knew immediately she had peed through her diaper. Lately, this happens a lot. Especially if she has a lot to drink at night. We use the cheapest brand of diapers found at walmart. For the life of me I can't remember what they are called. They don't hold up so well overnight, but otherwise they are great. Her diaper was soaked, her pants, shirt, and sheet. Her softy got a little wet, but when I told her that she threw a fit. So for now it is off limits. I will have to sneak it later so I can wash it.

I was just over come by how polite she was. I had to tell the world!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The potty chair.

I have discovered something that I did not realize before. One of the most important parts of potty training is the potty chair. It must be easy, comfortable, and non threatening. There are so many different chairs to choose from it is very overwhelming. At first I took my oldest, Evie, to WalMart and put all the potty chairs on the floor to let her pick. She picked 3 of them! She is very high maintenance.

I wanted one that I thought would have more uses. Such as the base becoming a step stool, and using it when moving to the big potty. So I bought the Dora chair. Although we like it, there are also issues with it. The chair is 3 separate pieces. Which means that it can fall apart. When you are dealing with toddlers if it can it will! If the pieces are not together just right the top can slide when she sits down. Toddlers often sit with force, and are very hard on everything they come in contact with! The biggest problem isn't really Evie though, it is her brother.

If you read my blog you know I have two children very close in age. Christopher who I do not believe is ready to potty train is copying his sister. He often tries to sit in her potty chair. Which as I have already covered is not the most stable chair. Here is where the real problem comes in. He is very clumsy and awkward (he is only 15 months) so he often breaks the chair down. Sometimes he does it just enough that it is not sitting correctly on its base. Which sets up sister for disaster! In defense of the chair Christopher often plays with it in ways that it was not intended! He climbs in and on it. He pushes it around the house. So it is a nice chair if you don't have a younger sibling that is going to play with it! This I cannot really avoid because I want the chair easily accessible to Evie at all times.

I saw a potty chair at Sears for 12.59$ and I thought "Christopher will be needing a potty and at that price if it doesn't work out no big deal!" So I bought it, I mean the Easter bunny brought it! We all love it. Even Evie sits on it, and it never falls apart. Unless the kids take it apart!

It is called the Precious Planer Froggy Friend Potty by Fisher-Price. It is only 2 pieces the chair and the removable bucket for the potty (I don't know what that part is called). Granted it doesn't do anything extra, but it is stable and easy to sit on! The kids love it! Christopher can sit on it without worry. It has handles for security, and the frog eyes offer as a splash guard for boys. So both kids can use the same chair! I wish we had just bought 2 of these chairs in the first place. Because even though Evie will sit on it she won't potty because she says, "It's Bo Bo's potty!"

I recommend it to anyone. The best thing is that it costs only 13$ at or try this should be a direct link to the chair!

My Advice for anyone who has kids that are very close in age buy them both a potty chair at the same time. Even if the younger really isn't ready. I would get 2 of the exact same chair. I know that getting 2 of things isn't always feasible, but if you can get rid of diapers sooner the cost will be worth it! The younger will usually copy the older! It will save frustration and maybe even get the younger one potty trained faster!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice weather for a change!

It has been so nice the past few days. Thank God! We really needed to get out of the house!

That being said, nice weather isn't all fun and games! Well it is fun and games with a few extras. The extras I am referring to is Boo Boos! Yep the other day Evie fell and scraped her elbow requiring her first ever band-aid. She showed everyone and made sure everyone knew she had a "Boo Boo" and "Owie"! She really liked her purple band-aid!

Then today Christopher fell and had to have his first band-aid as well. He scraped two of his fingers. He didn't like the band-aids though and chewed them off. I noticed one was missing so I searched his mouth. He stuck it in the back corner of his mouth so at first I couldn't find it. He was still chewing so I checked again and found a tiny band-aid in his mouth! Yuck! No more band-aids on fingers!

What a way to start the summer!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Couch Crummies!

Evie was standing on the couch this morning when one of the cushions slipped, revealing the nasty mess of what can only be called "crummies". She looked down and the face she made was priceless. I wish I had been video taping! She exclaimed, "Oh, Gross Mommy! Clean it up!"

What could I do? I cleaned it up! In fact I cleaned the entire couch! Thanks drill sergeant Evie! Sometimes you just need a little motivation to get you moving! I have been cleaning all day now, only stopping right now to post while the tots eat lunch!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oatmeal box!

This activity is great for days when you are stuck inside. Plus, it is totally safe, even for your tot who has to eat everything, or at least taste it! Yep, it is oatmeal and my kids play with it instead of eating it! The kids have so much fun with it! Mommy loves it because it is cleaner and safer than sand! I have yet to hear someone cry because of oatmeal in their eyes!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't bug me I'm blogging!

This is what the house looks like if I am blogging while the kids are playing! Ironically, this mess was made right in front of me, but hey they were quiet! This is 4 decks of Dora and Diego playing cards go fish, old maid, memory game, and something else that mommy will organize later! A bunch of stickers and various other Easter basket junk!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was just wondering what nicknames others have for their kids and how they came about. My daughter's name is Evangeline, but we call her Evie for short. Her nickname is bean or beanie! Because I was very early in my pregnancy when we found out about her. I was having a lot of pain so they did an ultrasound around 6 weeks. When I saw her I thought "I'm having a jelly bean!" Mind you that was my first pregnancy and she did look like a jelly bean with a heart beat!Check Spelling

My son's name is Christopher, Topher for short because he has the same first name as his dad and PaPa. He was going to be Christopher Dennis the third, but we decided why do that? Is he going to carry it on and on? So we named him Christopher Clayton, after both grandparents. But Chris is already taken so Topher is what he got. Then his nickname is Bo Bo. The kids are really into Diego and on the show there are the Bo Bo brothers 2 monkeys, who are always getting into trouble. Well Topher is my little monkey, he is a brother, and he is always getting into trouble!

Leave a comment or post about your child's nicknames. Let me know though so I can check out your post!

Thank you!

I just wanted to give a shout out thanking all my readers. I appreciate your comments, advice, and understanding. It helps to know their are others out surviving in similar circumstances. Because some days I can't even get out of my pajamas. Thank you for being my friend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspired by Maddie!

I just heard about little Maddie Spohr. My heart was broken by her story and my prayers go out to her family! I have been so moved by the story of Maddie's life that I decided to sign up for the upcoming walk for the March of Dimes on 4-25. I am trying to get my entire family involved. I plan on donating 100.00 myself, but hopefully I can get others in the community and my family to donate as well. If you would like to contribute you can by clicking the link on the top of my blog! We all have to do our part so all babies can have a healthy start! You can sign up or locate one near you at

I thank God every day for my children. Christopher spent half the month of March last year (he was 2 months old) in Pediatric Intensive Care for respiratory distress! We discovered he has Laryngomalacia which was intensified due to him having RSV as well. I can not imagine what Maddie's family is going through, despite coming close to it myself. That's just not the same.

So give your loved ones a hug (BIG HUG) and kiss, thank God for your blessings, and help out others. Sign up for a walk near you or make a donation today. Even if you can't give much. One dollar from a million people is, yep a million dollars!

In memory of Maddie my site has temporarily gone purple!

Thank you, Daddy!

I am having such a bad day. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Seriously, it is painful keeping my eyes open. I had Christopher asleep and was trying to get Evie to sleep. When she started talking so loud it woke up Christopher. He had 30-45 min of sleep already so he didn't want to go back to sleep. I was so mad I put Evie in the crib. She normally sleeps in a toddler bed but since she wouldn't stay put I made her stay put.

Then daddy called. By this time I was mad, cranky, and not pleasant at all. Plus, it was lunch time and I needed to feed the kids. Daddy came home with McDonald's for us. And a Mocha and Root Beer for mommy! Thanks I needed that. Hopefully this will help me keep my eyes open until I can get these little monsters to sleep! Yep, today they are monsters, because mommy feels like a zombie anyways!

Holidays are great and fun, but wear you out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday before Easter!

This was our second visit to the Easter Bunny. To get the story I will explain our day! First we got up at 9 am perfect still time to make it to the egg hunt at Church! So we went to an Easter egg hunt, and I forgot the camera and cell phone! Way to go mommy! We did a hunt last week that I got a few pics so that will have to do!
Then we came home to get the cell phone. Because we are looking for a home and wanted to see if we could get inside it today. No go, but we drove by! Not sure yet about this one. Then Evie spit up/ vomited on her self. I think she choked on her milk as she was drinking it. So back home again. I ran in and got her clean clothes. I only took a couple of min.
When I came back out the car wouldn't start. The battery was dead. So we waited for an eternity for my mom to jump us. Evie was tired an cranky so this was horrible. Christopher slept thankfully! Daddy was not a happy camper. We just had 600$ worth of work done to the truck (suburban). Thankfully it was only the battery (it had enough).
So we headed to Wal-Mart for a new battery. Gotta love Wally world! The Easter Bunny was there. Evie would not go near him. Christopher didn't care until he saw Evie crying. I got Evie to sit with the bunny because she wanted a big ball. I told her she would have to tell the Easter bunny. When I went to sit her down she cried, but I sat her down anyways (mean mommy). I told her tell him you want a ball. She cried, "I WANT A BALL!" Then I picked her up. It was long enough for a pic. They were free 5x7s. Neither of the kids were together, but still free pics can't beat that! We spent an hour there mostly because we ate at Subway! Very expensive when your kids won't eat subs! The good news, the battery was covered under the warranty, FREE!
Then we headed to Michigan City, IN 15 min away for shopping! We had tons to do today. But we stopped at Grandma's for a bit and my brother ( the older kid in the pics) wanted to come to! He loves the kids! He is just a little rough! Christopher has no dress up clothes that fit! (ADVICE: When looking for holiday clothes don't wait until the last min) We couldn't hardly find anything! We did get shoes! And the pics taken you see above. That outfit was the only thing I could find for Christopher! No strapless bra for mommy, so no dress for church!
Surprisingly after already sitting with the Easter bunny, and walking past him 3 times in the mall he must have been old news because no screaming this time!

All in all a good day!

Daily activities update!

I know my schedule for the day looks somewhat impressive, but it is really just a guideline. I'm working on making it a reality. Lately, we are stuck on a late night schedule and waking up later than normal. This started a few days ago when some how both the kids fell asleep at 4pm and slept until 6:15. I didn't get them to sleep until midnight! We are down to 10:40 bedtime now, but with the exhausting fun of Easter we had a late nap again! So I have to start all over! I have a horrible time getting my kids to sleep and staying asleep. The worst is they hardly ever nap at the same time!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our daily activities

I have a general idea of how I want to spend the day. I am working on making some type of a schedule that my kids and I can follow. That way each day would be predictable and allow my kids some comfort in knowing what is coming next. That being said I have a hard time following any schedule or being on time for anything so this is very difficult for me to do!

This is my perfect day plan:
8am wake up breakfast, bath if needed, get dressed
Work out, usually yoga (we tivo Namaste Yoga)
10am Snack
12 Lunch then nap or nap then lunch
around 2 snack if needed
4 snack if needed
6 dinner
bath if needed
quiet play hoping to get ready for bed
7;30- 8pm get ready for bed
8-9 sleeping

That if my idea of a perfect day. If we need to run errands we would do so in the morning before nap or after nap time if we have to. I prefer the morning since it is very hard to get my kids to nap at the same time. Some days I can't get Evie to nap at all.

I try to make sure we do the following every day, watch Muzzy (foreign language tapes) and read! The kids love Dora and Diego so we usually watch at least one episode of each every day (mommy loves tivo). We also color and make crafts. Mommy usually makes the crafts while they play color on paper, but then they have fun playing with whatever we make.

The best is to save toilet paper rolls. You can do tons of things with them! Like, let the kids color them. They can do this in their highchairs. Then tape 2 of them together to make binoculars. As long as your little one won't eat them! I let my son do it, even though he eats everything! I just give him his binkie first. He has tons of fun and feels so grown up! We also made penguins out of some! Mommy did most of the work while they colored on paper. I used packing tape to tape them together. This has 2 benefits. It holds up well and kind of makes the toy temporarily water proof.

I get a cake or pie pan out and fill it with uncooked oatmeal. Then I give the kids measuring spoons and cups along with other small toys. It is like they have their own indoor sand box. If the floor is clean you can recycle the oatmeal to play with another day! It makes a big mess, but the vacuum picks it right up. The kids have so much fun it is worth it!

We also build with wooden blocks, and mega blocks! I have a cabinet in the kitchen for the kids to. I saved the containers from formula. We make towers with them then take turns knocking them down. Evie can stack them up until it is one higher than her height 35 1/2". So it is a little over 3 feet high.

I don't worry about messes because most of these activities provide so much opportunity for learning that it is worth the mess! Which usually isn't that bad! I have a vacuum from Wal-Mart that I love. It is called a Shark and you plug it in to charge it. It is so lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to use. On the shortest setting for the handle my 1 year old can push it around. Which he loves and I get some of my floor vacuumed for me! Thanks little buddy!

Mad, but not mad!

Ok, I am mad. I don't think I should be mad, but I am. Today after work (he works nights) my husband went out with the guys for a few drinks. This is not the problem. He should go out every once in a while. The problem is well it is a couple of things.

First he didn't call me to tell me he was going out until he was already out. Not to mention I received the call 2 hours after he was supposed to be home from work. Yes, I was starting to worry. He said he had a meeting, went to the bank, and called me when he got to the bar. He didn't have a phone with him so he had to borrow a buddies phone. Fine.

Why didn't you call before you left work? I don't know. Plus, he called me not on the house phone, but on my cell. Which he knows that I usually don't answer when at home! I felt like he was being a sneaky kid. Trying to get the voice mail and leave a message so I couldn't or wouldn't yell. He said, "It was the first number I thought of!" Ok, fine. I'm not in the habit of calling him a liar, so I accepted this shaky argument!

My second problem with hubby's day out is that he was out until 2pm. No big deal you say! Well his 2pm is a normal persons 2am. Think about that! On top of that we only have 1 car so the kids and I were stuck at home all day. Again, no big deal. I did have places I wanted to go, but nothing really important. I wanted us to go as a family. That's not entirely true I would have gone with my sister if she had come into town. She was to tired, she's the one with the newborn!

I am more jealous than mad I guess. So mostly these are excuses to be mad. I could never go out for any length of time without the kids. I wouldn't have fun. I would be driven crazy by visions of horrible things that may or may not happen. As if they wouldn't happen if I were there. I hardly ever go or do anything without the kids and when I do I feel naked! I know that doesn't sound right, but having my kids with me is so normal just like getting dressed! It's just what I do! I wouldn't have things any other way, though. I don't ever want to miss anything in either of my kids lives. I really feel like hubby misses out on too much! You can never get these days back, once they are gone they are gone. Kids grow up so fast!

So I am mad, but I am not mad. I know hubby works hard to support us and deserves some outlet. I don't approve of the bar with his buddies. It is not my cup of tea, but that really isn't my place to judge. Or is it? I guess there are worse and more expensive things he could do. Plus, he hardly ever goes out. I am trying to cut him some slack. I just don't think he should go when I can't. I don't feel comfortable leaving the kids with anyone for a long time, and if I did I would go some where with him, not by myself. Maybe I need to! I guess the problem is more me than if is him! Bummer! Again, these are probably some of my postpartum issues that have yet to be addressed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picky eater!

I am starting to worry about my daughter's eating habits. Basically she doesn't eat. She is so tiny and always has been very skinny, which is fine. However, I fight with her all day long to get her to eat anything. The older she gets the worse it is getting. Because as she is learning she is discovering junk foods. So not only am I fighting with her to get her to eat I am also trying to ensure she eats good foods.

She says, "Yuck!" To any and all foods offered. Sometimes she will end up eating them anyways, but most times I am forced to search out foods she will eat instead. One good thing is that she loves fruits. I try to make each bite count, but that isn't always possible. Especially when others around her aren't eating healthy foods.

She is 2 now and weighs only 24 lbs. According to the pediatrician she is in the 18% percentile. He did not seem to concerned, but suggested we keep an eye on her eating, attempting to get her to eat good foods. I am at a loss for foods to give her. I have no idea what she will eat from day to day! It is driving me crazy. I am so worried for her health. I don't care about her weight as a number, but I am worried about her getting what she needs from food. As well as the relationship she is developing with food for the long run. I don't know what effect all this will have on her later in life.

Some days I don't know how she has any energy because she hardly eats. If you ask her if she wants to eat she will say, "No eat!" I have learned that you never ask her that or you open yourself up to a battle with a toddler that neither of you can win! So instead I have tried to give options do you want A or B to eat. This also gets a "No, eat!" reply.

So now I just give her food. If she won't eat it I try something else. I keep trying until I get her to eat something, even if it isn't much. If she absolutely refuses I let her up. I won't force feed her. I know her tummy is small and can't hold much. I usually try to get her to eat 4-6 small meals (snacks) a day. Depending on how much she has eaten.

If anyone has healthy meal ideas or snack ideas that have worked for picky toddlers I am all ears!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Almost gone.

Bottles are almost completely gone from our house. Evie no longer even asks for one. I was patient with her and we got rid of them in a way that was completely painless. So many people told me just to get rid of them and let her cry. "She will get over it" or "It won't scar her for life" they would say. How do they know what effects things we do actually have deep inside their little heads. I want to have loving and trusting relationships with my children for life.

That being said, I don't know if the way I do things are the right ways to meet those goals. I do know that I am trying my best and at the end of the day I don't loose any sleep over my decisions. We got rid of bottles with no crying, screaming, whining, or anything else.

Once I really committed to it things went rather fast. I just kept sending the message to her that for numerous reasons bottles were not the way to go, and sippy cups were. The dentist and the doctor told her that the bottles hurt her teeth, which I reminded her every night I brushed her teeth. We told her that other babies in the world need bottles. When my sister had a baby and she saw him eat out of a bottle that helped to! She gave the baby some bottles and he gave her some toys!

I did not tell her that she is a big kid now, because she would have rejected that idea due to baby brother! She sees him and often wants to be a baby too! I think this is due to the attention kids get when ever they do something for the first time. Christopher is going through a lot of firsts lately.

Now Evie says, "Milk in a cup!" I am happy that she is happy! Thankfully my son just doesn't want bottles anymore. He has one throughout the night, but that is probably laziness on my part. I don't know what else to do when he wakes up at night. Plus, I am to tired to fight with him or even attempt to. I also don't want him to cry and wake everyone else up!

However, I am confident that this will not last much longer. I plan on offering a sippy cup first until he no longer wants a bottle at all! I know this will work because he doesn't get a bottle at all during the day he just does at night. He gets thirsty or hungry and when your laying down a bottle is easiest to take.

Looking for a house.

We have started looking for a house to rent. We are not in a position to buy, yet. However, we are tired of our apartment. We want a yard, and privacy. We have seen a couple of nice places. I don't want to rush into anything. I want to find as close to perfect as I can get. I don't want to move again anytime soon. We did like one place but it was $950 a month. It is just a little more than I would like to pay. I really like it though. I don't want to loose it, but I still want to spend more time looking. I know things always work the way they are meant to be. So I'm still looking. Plus, if I am patient and keep searching I will find the perfect place or at least close to it! I hope!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Congratulations Evie!

It has been one week (last night around 11 to be exact) since Evangeline's last bottle! You go girl! I am so proud of her and me! We have been working on this for over a year. Sort of. The pediatrician has been nagging and I have been dragging my feet! I couldn't do it if it was going to cause her to scream and scream. Not having another baby in the house. If it were just her I would have said, "NO!" taken them away and let her scream. I know she wouldn't have screamed for ever, but I couldn't handle the secondary screams her screaming would cause.

Not to mention that while she no longer needed a bottle over the past year, her baby brother did. How can I expect them to get along if from the get go I set the stage by saying, "You can't have a bottle anymore, but your brother can!" She was to young for that. So I tried to limit bottle use. I didn't offer it, but provided one when asked.

Then the teeth problems hit. I was confronted with the damage that bottles did to her teeth, and instantly felt like a horrible mother. The dentist, pediatrician, and I told her the bottles were hurting her teeth and they needed to go. She still said, "NO!" I bought special cups for her milk and in the store she agreed she would take her milk in her new cups. When it was time for milk she changed her mind. I don't blame her though have you tried drinking out of your child's non spill sippy cups? It is rather difficult! So I caved.

My sister had a baby and we told her the baby needed bottles. I bought toys at the dollar store and for each bottle she gave the baby she got a toy. We didn't get rid of all the bottles, but the idea was planted in her head. She was getting the message from all angles that the bottles had to go. Still she wasn't ready, and mommy was feeling pretty crummy. My mom said, "Where are your balls? Just take the bottles away!" Trust me from her that wasn't much of a statement she's just as much of a pushover as I am!

It wasn't about not being able to tell her no. It was more selfish on my part, I didn't want to have to deal with two screaming kids. If she couldn't sleep at night because she wanted a bottle no one else would be able to sleep either! Being sleep deprived is one thing, but having to deal with two sleep deprived kids as well! Put me in the crazy bin now, please! Because I would rather not!

Still I didn't know what to do! The cabinet was beginning to over flow with cups from everywhere. I kept thinking if only I could find one that she liked the problem would be solved. I honestly have more different types of sippy cups than any store I have ever been into! I couldn't find one that she liked. I knew she liked drinking out of straws, and I knew she loves Dora. So at Babies R Us I found Dora cups with straws. I put my foot down. She said she would drink her milk from these and I held her to it.

Later that day after purchasing the Dora cups, last Friday, she asked for milk I gave her the Dora cup. She was mad, said no, and threw it. I calmly said, "If you want milk, there is your milk! " At first she tried to fight it, but I held my ground. I told her if she didn't want it fine, but that was her milk and that was that. She wouldn't drink it at first then she did. Later Saturday night she cried and cried for milk so I caved and gave her a bottle. Mostly because I knew that since she was so tired there was no point in arguing with her or reasoning at that point in time. It was her last bottle. Then Sunday when she asked for milk she said, "Milk in a cup, Mommy!" I knew at that moment we had won the battle. Now she will tell you "I drink milk in a cup!" I am so proud! We did it finally and with very little crying!

She doesn't drink out of the Dora cups though. We had some other cups with straws that we bought months ago maybe even a year ago. Those are what she drinks out of, go figure! They come out much easier, and for the most part are spill proof. We now only have two bottles in the house for brother who still drinks one or two bottles at night! Another battle for another day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Money whats that....

Of coarse money is never enough. I mean you never seem to have enough of it no matter what you do. There is always something. Especially now with the economy the way it is. We have always gotten by no matter if we had 1$ or 1000$. However, I am not so sure if that will cut it any more. Money doesn't seem to spread as well as it used to. My family is trying to eat better. I would love to go organic, but can't seem to afford it. No wonder Americans are over weight it's to expensive to eat and live right! We did have some unexpected money come in today, and thank God for that. I had 50$ to last until next Friday when hubby gets paid! Ouch! On top of that we don't have much food in the kitchen. I was wondering how we would make it. I am contemplating hiding this money for another rainy day! To many rainy days lately! Hopefully things get better.

I can't work. Well I could but I would just make enough to cover day care and gas. So why keep my kids with strangers! I need to be more frugal. I wasn't raised that way and don't know up from down when it comes to budgeting! I wish I could find a descent job working from home. Not to mention the depression I suffer from because I feel so guilty every dollar I spend that I don't feel like I earned. Why is it that mothers (fathers to) seem to get looked down on when they stay at home? It's a tough job! One we should get paid for. I guess the reward of being with my kids is payment enough. Just stop looking at me like that!

I keep thinking of a Sheryl Crow song that says, "No one said it would be easy, but no one said it would be this hard!" I knew it would be hard, but never imagined this!

Back Talk

Yesterday I had the stroller out as we prepared to go out for a walk. Evie was leaning on a box that was next to the stroller. When I came close to the stroller she calmly said, "Leave me alone, Mommy!

First of all at that point I had no interest in her what so ever. I was making sure we had everything we might need for the walk. Secondly, I was taken back by this she has always been outspoken and demanding, but she had never been so mean! So I wondered, "What is she up to?" I approached her and again got, "Leave me alone, mommy!" This time it sounded serious. She was upset that I had encroached upon her space.

Great I thought she is 2 and I am already getting yelled at for invading her space. What will happen in 10 years or so! I did find it funny and cute despite how frightening it was! Then I thought what a smart girl, a little to smart! I did have the peace of mind to break out the video camera and catch this precious moment!

I realized she was pooping and wanted her privacy! When I thought she was done I picked her up to change her diaper. She screamed the entire time, "Leave me alone!" I felt horrible. Maybe she wasn't done yet! When I saw the mess I figured it probably hurt a little, and she might have needed a few minutes to settle, but we were going on a walk!

I shouldn't have paid so much attention to the "Leave me alone" demands from my daughter though. Because the rest of the day all I heard was, "Leave me alone, mommy!" She discovered that I thought she was cute and of coarse wanted to carry on the show!

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