My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Am I stupid?

Last night I opened the refrigerator at 10 pm looking for a snack for my 17 month old daughter who through sign language told me she wanted to eat. She grabbed a pack of pork chops and while handing them to me did the sign for eat. So what did mommy do? She cooked pork chops at 10pm. We had already eaten dinner around 8, which is late for us. Since she didn't eat much due to all the excitement I was concerned and wanted to make sure she had enough to eat. We had a crazy day that completely threw us off our normal routine. We ended up at my mom's for dinner where she has 5 yorkies most of them are tiny puppies, and my 6 year old brother, 8 year old sister, 11 year old sister plus her friend, my cousin and her 19 month old son, my kids, me and my husband, my parents, and my 26 year old sister were all there. Evangeline was totally fired up and wouldn't or couldn't really sit still to eat. I kept giving her bites of green beans, corn, or chicken when ever I could catch her.

Anyways I busted out the George Foreman and cooked those pork chops. It only took about 10 minutes all together. Can you guess her reaction when I tried to give them to her? She was cuddled up on the couch with daddy watching cartoons. I came in and showed them to her. She whinnied and rolled over towards daddy so I couldn't see her face or anything. Daddy even tried to feed her a bite. "Nope" she wasn't having it. She decided now she just wanted milk. Knowing she was hungry, but to tired I made her a smoothie, sort of. I mixed 4 oz of milk with a container of banana and mixed berries second foods from Gerber. So at least she had something good. Mean while any body hungry for pork chops. Can you say, "Sucker"!

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