My angels!

My angels!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back Talk

Yesterday I had the stroller out as we prepared to go out for a walk. Evie was leaning on a box that was next to the stroller. When I came close to the stroller she calmly said, "Leave me alone, Mommy!

First of all at that point I had no interest in her what so ever. I was making sure we had everything we might need for the walk. Secondly, I was taken back by this she has always been outspoken and demanding, but she had never been so mean! So I wondered, "What is she up to?" I approached her and again got, "Leave me alone, mommy!" This time it sounded serious. She was upset that I had encroached upon her space.

Great I thought she is 2 and I am already getting yelled at for invading her space. What will happen in 10 years or so! I did find it funny and cute despite how frightening it was! Then I thought what a smart girl, a little to smart! I did have the peace of mind to break out the video camera and catch this precious moment!

I realized she was pooping and wanted her privacy! When I thought she was done I picked her up to change her diaper. She screamed the entire time, "Leave me alone!" I felt horrible. Maybe she wasn't done yet! When I saw the mess I figured it probably hurt a little, and she might have needed a few minutes to settle, but we were going on a walk!

I shouldn't have paid so much attention to the "Leave me alone" demands from my daughter though. Because the rest of the day all I heard was, "Leave me alone, mommy!" She discovered that I thought she was cute and of coarse wanted to carry on the show!

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