My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was just wondering what nicknames others have for their kids and how they came about. My daughter's name is Evangeline, but we call her Evie for short. Her nickname is bean or beanie! Because I was very early in my pregnancy when we found out about her. I was having a lot of pain so they did an ultrasound around 6 weeks. When I saw her I thought "I'm having a jelly bean!" Mind you that was my first pregnancy and she did look like a jelly bean with a heart beat!Check Spelling

My son's name is Christopher, Topher for short because he has the same first name as his dad and PaPa. He was going to be Christopher Dennis the third, but we decided why do that? Is he going to carry it on and on? So we named him Christopher Clayton, after both grandparents. But Chris is already taken so Topher is what he got. Then his nickname is Bo Bo. The kids are really into Diego and on the show there are the Bo Bo brothers 2 monkeys, who are always getting into trouble. Well Topher is my little monkey, he is a brother, and he is always getting into trouble!

Leave a comment or post about your child's nicknames. Let me know though so I can check out your post!


Cara said...

Cute nicknames! I love "Topher" too :)

My kids are Claire & Carter. On my blog I call them Bear & Roo. Claire we've always called Claire-Bear. Carter, his dad's nickname was Roo when he was a baby & we were always calling him Carter-Roo anyways. So, basically I'm full of all sorts of excitement when it comes to picking out their nicknames :p

Super Ninja Mommy said...

Mine are Booga (sounds like BOOgah), Doodles, Beastie, and ... the baby doesn't really have a nickname. We call him chunk, or big guy, or handsome, or any other cutesy name, but none that he really fits into as his own yet. I guess I better hurry, since his little brother or sister will be here in 6 months.

Miriam said...

Hi there. My eldest is Naomi followed by Khalil. We call Naomi, Mumay derivative of Mimsy and Mims, both suggested nicknames for Naomi.
On the other hand, we call Khalil by his name. No nicknames. Although sometimes we call him Kyle in jest.


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