My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Worst day ever!

Today was the worst day! At first I thought what a perfect day. Schedule wise the day was going great. We were up by 9 had breakfast and showered right away. Of to a great start right? Then Evie refused a nap. Christopher only slept 1 hour. So I decided to hit the town and run my errands. We have almost no food in the house. So I really needed to go to the store. The car has been acting funny. Today it had enough. The car died on me numerous times, but restarted. Then it started put-putting around as if it would die. I drove straight home, minus the groceries.

We planned on getting a 401k loan to fix it, but that takes time. My mom knew we didn't have the time. Esp since this is our only vehicle. She made arrangements for a mechanic to look at it. My brother and one of his friends came over and got it. They didn't make it. It finally died and refused to start. So it had to be towed. An extra 50$. The final verdict it needs a new fuel pump, and depending on the condition of other parts it may need more! It might be fixed by Friday. My husband had to get a ride to work. Which he hates to do. I have no idea how I will get groceries or go to my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. If it is nice I guess I can walk to the store there is one a couple blocks away. The dentist I can always reschedule.

On top of this my house phone quit working most of today. I called the company and they were sending someone out tomorrow to fix it. However, suddenly this evening it decided to work! I guess whatever the tech did over the phone just needed time to work? I have no idea. It just made the day worse.

My daughter was looking forward to seeing her aunts and uncle today. She was super disappointed when we did not go pick them up from school. She did understand that the car is broke, thankfully! Now I should be putting the kids to bed, but can't relax myself so how can I get them to settle down.

All in all the day really sucked. To top things off it was raining! I cried so much today that was the only way I could cope with things. The hardest part was that my mom tried to tell me how important it was to fix the car. I understood, but she didn't understand that I just don't have the money right now. It would be feed and put diapers on my kids or fix the car. That is a no brainer. We can honestly do without a car. It is a big inconvenience, but it can be done! It just seems like it always pours when it rains!

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Bless your heart! I hope your week is getting better

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