My angels!

My angels!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you, Daddy!

I am having such a bad day. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Seriously, it is painful keeping my eyes open. I had Christopher asleep and was trying to get Evie to sleep. When she started talking so loud it woke up Christopher. He had 30-45 min of sleep already so he didn't want to go back to sleep. I was so mad I put Evie in the crib. She normally sleeps in a toddler bed but since she wouldn't stay put I made her stay put.

Then daddy called. By this time I was mad, cranky, and not pleasant at all. Plus, it was lunch time and I needed to feed the kids. Daddy came home with McDonald's for us. And a Mocha and Root Beer for mommy! Thanks I needed that. Hopefully this will help me keep my eyes open until I can get these little monsters to sleep! Yep, today they are monsters, because mommy feels like a zombie anyways!

Holidays are great and fun, but wear you out!

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Cara said...

Good luck getting in a nap today! And what a sweet husband :) I love it when they can just tell by the tone of your voice that you really need a pick-me-up.


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