My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making Penguin Puppets

This is a craft we did one day. We made these penguins after watching the Good Night Show on Sprout. I highly recommend watching it, if you allow your little ones to watch tv. It is perfect for little ones. That channel and Noggin.
We had lots of fun. Mommy did most of the work. While the kids colored on construction paper, but if you ask them they will tell you they made them! We used toilet paper rolls, black construction paper, white construction paper, and a black marker. I taped them together because glue takes to long to dry. I used packing tape. I taped over the entire thing (making it sort of water proof). The kids have been playing with them (off and on) for over a month now!

1 comment:

IBNE HANIF said...

Well done !
Beanie and Bo Bo (i think these are their nick names) ! u have really succeded to prepare wonderful toys for urself !
U have proved 1+1 = 11

I am thankful to u twins for slowly and gradually i am also learning how to make nice toys for kids like u.
Twins have not only made toys but they have made me their new fan too.


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