My angels!

My angels!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspired by Maddie!

I just heard about little Maddie Spohr. My heart was broken by her story and my prayers go out to her family! I have been so moved by the story of Maddie's life that I decided to sign up for the upcoming walk for the March of Dimes on 4-25. I am trying to get my entire family involved. I plan on donating 100.00 myself, but hopefully I can get others in the community and my family to donate as well. If you would like to contribute you can by clicking the link on the top of my blog! We all have to do our part so all babies can have a healthy start! You can sign up or locate one near you at

I thank God every day for my children. Christopher spent half the month of March last year (he was 2 months old) in Pediatric Intensive Care for respiratory distress! We discovered he has Laryngomalacia which was intensified due to him having RSV as well. I can not imagine what Maddie's family is going through, despite coming close to it myself. That's just not the same.

So give your loved ones a hug (BIG HUG) and kiss, thank God for your blessings, and help out others. Sign up for a walk near you or make a donation today. Even if you can't give much. One dollar from a million people is, yep a million dollars!

In memory of Maddie my site has temporarily gone purple!

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