My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday before Easter!

This was our second visit to the Easter Bunny. To get the story I will explain our day! First we got up at 9 am perfect still time to make it to the egg hunt at Church! So we went to an Easter egg hunt, and I forgot the camera and cell phone! Way to go mommy! We did a hunt last week that I got a few pics so that will have to do!
Then we came home to get the cell phone. Because we are looking for a home and wanted to see if we could get inside it today. No go, but we drove by! Not sure yet about this one. Then Evie spit up/ vomited on her self. I think she choked on her milk as she was drinking it. So back home again. I ran in and got her clean clothes. I only took a couple of min.
When I came back out the car wouldn't start. The battery was dead. So we waited for an eternity for my mom to jump us. Evie was tired an cranky so this was horrible. Christopher slept thankfully! Daddy was not a happy camper. We just had 600$ worth of work done to the truck (suburban). Thankfully it was only the battery (it had enough).
So we headed to Wal-Mart for a new battery. Gotta love Wally world! The Easter Bunny was there. Evie would not go near him. Christopher didn't care until he saw Evie crying. I got Evie to sit with the bunny because she wanted a big ball. I told her she would have to tell the Easter bunny. When I went to sit her down she cried, but I sat her down anyways (mean mommy). I told her tell him you want a ball. She cried, "I WANT A BALL!" Then I picked her up. It was long enough for a pic. They were free 5x7s. Neither of the kids were together, but still free pics can't beat that! We spent an hour there mostly because we ate at Subway! Very expensive when your kids won't eat subs! The good news, the battery was covered under the warranty, FREE!
Then we headed to Michigan City, IN 15 min away for shopping! We had tons to do today. But we stopped at Grandma's for a bit and my brother ( the older kid in the pics) wanted to come to! He loves the kids! He is just a little rough! Christopher has no dress up clothes that fit! (ADVICE: When looking for holiday clothes don't wait until the last min) We couldn't hardly find anything! We did get shoes! And the pics taken you see above. That outfit was the only thing I could find for Christopher! No strapless bra for mommy, so no dress for church!
Surprisingly after already sitting with the Easter bunny, and walking past him 3 times in the mall he must have been old news because no screaming this time!

All in all a good day!

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