My angels!

My angels!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our daily activities

I have a general idea of how I want to spend the day. I am working on making some type of a schedule that my kids and I can follow. That way each day would be predictable and allow my kids some comfort in knowing what is coming next. That being said I have a hard time following any schedule or being on time for anything so this is very difficult for me to do!

This is my perfect day plan:
8am wake up breakfast, bath if needed, get dressed
Work out, usually yoga (we tivo Namaste Yoga)
10am Snack
12 Lunch then nap or nap then lunch
around 2 snack if needed
4 snack if needed
6 dinner
bath if needed
quiet play hoping to get ready for bed
7;30- 8pm get ready for bed
8-9 sleeping

That if my idea of a perfect day. If we need to run errands we would do so in the morning before nap or after nap time if we have to. I prefer the morning since it is very hard to get my kids to nap at the same time. Some days I can't get Evie to nap at all.

I try to make sure we do the following every day, watch Muzzy (foreign language tapes) and read! The kids love Dora and Diego so we usually watch at least one episode of each every day (mommy loves tivo). We also color and make crafts. Mommy usually makes the crafts while they play color on paper, but then they have fun playing with whatever we make.

The best is to save toilet paper rolls. You can do tons of things with them! Like, let the kids color them. They can do this in their highchairs. Then tape 2 of them together to make binoculars. As long as your little one won't eat them! I let my son do it, even though he eats everything! I just give him his binkie first. He has tons of fun and feels so grown up! We also made penguins out of some! Mommy did most of the work while they colored on paper. I used packing tape to tape them together. This has 2 benefits. It holds up well and kind of makes the toy temporarily water proof.

I get a cake or pie pan out and fill it with uncooked oatmeal. Then I give the kids measuring spoons and cups along with other small toys. It is like they have their own indoor sand box. If the floor is clean you can recycle the oatmeal to play with another day! It makes a big mess, but the vacuum picks it right up. The kids have so much fun it is worth it!

We also build with wooden blocks, and mega blocks! I have a cabinet in the kitchen for the kids to. I saved the containers from formula. We make towers with them then take turns knocking them down. Evie can stack them up until it is one higher than her height 35 1/2". So it is a little over 3 feet high.

I don't worry about messes because most of these activities provide so much opportunity for learning that it is worth the mess! Which usually isn't that bad! I have a vacuum from Wal-Mart that I love. It is called a Shark and you plug it in to charge it. It is so lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to use. On the shortest setting for the handle my 1 year old can push it around. Which he loves and I get some of my floor vacuumed for me! Thanks little buddy!


Miriam said...

Hi there mom! It's no joke raising two small kids at the same time. I am a mother of two, even if they are 12 and 9 y/o already, they sometimes act as if they were babies. lol. Anyway, I find your site warm and nice. hope you drop by at my site also. Thanks. :)

Cara said...

I am impressed you have somewhat of a schedule hammered out! We are not on much of a schedule at all. The kids wake up b/w 7-7:30 & since I am horrible in the mornings, they get an hour of free time/cartoon time while I have my coffee, wake up, & catch up on emails. Roo goes down for a nap within 2 hours of waking up & Bear & I spend that time cleaning, playing, eating snacks, etc. Tue & Thur is playgroup. we head to WM to see Dad & pick up any odds & ends we've run out of. Both kids nap @ the same time in the afternoons & when Bear wakes up, we spend that time doing whatever makes her happy-free time, activities, outside play, etc. Then add Roo into the mix once he wakes up. Around 6, both kids sit down for a small snack since we don't eat dinner until Dad gets home & I start my "6 o'clock mad dash" to get the house picked up again & start dinner prep. We squeeze in bathtime (if needed) & playtime from 7:30-8:30 & the kids are in bed by 8:30 every night.

Miriam said...

Whew! Do you have a nanny to help you out? I don't think I can manage to do all of those things.
Schedule? Actually I'm not good at keeping up with schedules. I'm a number one procrastinator. Even if I have tons of clothes to wash, iron, etc., i get easily distracted by this thing called blogging. lol. Yes, it gets into my system already. Its a good thing school has ended and there's no need for me to wake up early. Still, chores are catching up on me yaay. How about you? Btw, did you get to see my site? I don't have much baby stuff in it, but hope to post my kids' baby photos one of these days. :)

Momma Bear said...

Thanks so much for sharing what your day generally looks like. I learn so much from other mommas. I'm glad you like my blog, I like your too! I can't believe you have two babes less than a year apart, woo! Curious to read more about your experience with this as I peruse through past posts! Take Care!!


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