My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picky eater!

I am starting to worry about my daughter's eating habits. Basically she doesn't eat. She is so tiny and always has been very skinny, which is fine. However, I fight with her all day long to get her to eat anything. The older she gets the worse it is getting. Because as she is learning she is discovering junk foods. So not only am I fighting with her to get her to eat I am also trying to ensure she eats good foods.

She says, "Yuck!" To any and all foods offered. Sometimes she will end up eating them anyways, but most times I am forced to search out foods she will eat instead. One good thing is that she loves fruits. I try to make each bite count, but that isn't always possible. Especially when others around her aren't eating healthy foods.

She is 2 now and weighs only 24 lbs. According to the pediatrician she is in the 18% percentile. He did not seem to concerned, but suggested we keep an eye on her eating, attempting to get her to eat good foods. I am at a loss for foods to give her. I have no idea what she will eat from day to day! It is driving me crazy. I am so worried for her health. I don't care about her weight as a number, but I am worried about her getting what she needs from food. As well as the relationship she is developing with food for the long run. I don't know what effect all this will have on her later in life.

Some days I don't know how she has any energy because she hardly eats. If you ask her if she wants to eat she will say, "No eat!" I have learned that you never ask her that or you open yourself up to a battle with a toddler that neither of you can win! So instead I have tried to give options do you want A or B to eat. This also gets a "No, eat!" reply.

So now I just give her food. If she won't eat it I try something else. I keep trying until I get her to eat something, even if it isn't much. If she absolutely refuses I let her up. I won't force feed her. I know her tummy is small and can't hold much. I usually try to get her to eat 4-6 small meals (snacks) a day. Depending on how much she has eaten.

If anyone has healthy meal ideas or snack ideas that have worked for picky toddlers I am all ears!


Bhing said...

My two nephews used to be a picky eater as well.. But this time, their eating habits are improving..

Cara said...

I originally found you through the baby bunching website. Have you tried giving your daughter PediaSure? I have a picky eater as well & on days she refuses to eat anything, I give her a cup w/ 1/2 PediaSure, 1/2 milk twice a day. Also, have you talked to your doctor about giving her the PolyVisol vitamin drops? They are an OTC product given once a day so that she is at least getting her vitamins in.

One thing I have found is a sure-fire trick for getting my girl to eat: She adores PB&J sandwiches-eats these probably 5 out of 7 days a week for lunch. However, the ONLY way I can get her to eat them is to cut the sandwiches out in different shapes with cookie cutters. Yes, about 1/2 the sandwich is lost b/c she refuses to eat crusts BUT she is eating & she eats the entire portion of what I give her & often asks for a 2nd sandwich.

Best of luck to you.


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