My angels!

My angels!

Friday, January 16, 2009


My little man is officially a walker! He has been cruising around since 9 months. He has been taking a couple steps on his own for about a month now. However, yesterday he just took off. He started walking all over. It was like he realized that he could do it. Now he is walking across the room going here and there. He still falls and takes off crawling. But the moment he gets somewhere to pull himself up he is off again. He also does this really cute bear walk. He has been doing that for about 2 months now. It is the sillies cutest thing I've ever seen.

The best part about it is Evie's reaction to him walking. She says, "Yea, baby walk!" She also says, "Baby, cute walk!" Then she will follow him chanting, "GO, GO, walk!" How cute is that! If you ask her she will say, "My baby walk!"

This is so much fun!

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