My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His own room!

Tonight is Christopher's first night in his own room. I want to move to a 3 bedroom apartment in our building, but my husband said "NO". I told him the kids need their own rooms. I believe it is the only way to get them to sleep all night. Now that being said, I am afraid I could be wrong. If I make us move, even though my husband doesn't want to I had better be right. Or I will never hear the end of it. So we are testing it out. On Christopher because he is used to sleeping on his own anyways, but he has always been within a couple of feet from me.

So now finally he is in his own bed in his own room, AKA the "toy room". All this was good in theroy, but I feel sad. I can't sleep. I keep worrying about him. To make matters worse I just had the most horrible thought, what if he wakes up petrified because it doesn't look the same. He might be frightened and not know where he is. I know I'm a little nerotic and need to let go, but I can't. He's my baby. Plus out of both of my children he is the only one who ever has had any problems. He has Laryngomalacia, acid reflux, excema, and a very sensitive gag reflex. He is the child that makes me worry.

Wish me luck. It is already after 9pm and the kids have been asleep for an hour. I am enjoying the quiet, but I should be enjoying the sleeping time. I know they will be up early if not during the night!

If this works we will be moving into a 3 bedroom! Maybe I will get my bed back soon! I am not holding my breath!

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