My angels!

My angels!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Pictures!

These were are Christmas pictures. I actually couldn't get the kids to sleep one afternoon, and thought hey lets go get some pics taken for Christmas. It worked out great, and it was fun. The lady who took the pictures was amazing. She got the kids to laugh and smile so easily. The hardest thing was getting them to sit still. However, even that wasn't to bad.

The only bad thing was that they charged me 150$ for the CD with the pics on it. They told me all the pics that were taken would be on the cd. They actually took around 20 pics, but the cd only had 8 pictures on it. They totally lied to me. I was told that none of the pictures would be deleted, but you can tell based on the numbers of the files that some were deleted. Plus, I was there and know that more than 8 pictures were taken. This was one of those places that sets up inside K-mart. Don't go there ever! I recommend JcPenny. They are the only ones that I have used over the years and will use again. This one was just for fun, and I had a coupon. That's how they get you. Then they lie to you and charge you a fortune.

These are my angels. Aren't they precious.

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