My angels!

My angels!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trip to the library!

We weren't at the library long, but it was fun. I had to take the stroller, and it is to cold outside for a stroller. At least the sidewalks were totally clear at the library. We were only outside for a couple minutes, but I was freezing and concerned about the kids.

First we went to the adult section. The kids fussed a little, but were surprisingly quiet. I kept reminding them that mommy's turn was first then theirs, but they had to be good for mommy. It worked. I think it helped that first we walked through the children's section so they saw what lay ahead and were excited about it. Plus, I hurried as fast as I could. If a title sounded like it might contain information regarding sleep issues, potty training, binkies, and bottles then I grabbed it. Basically I grabbed them all, until my bag was full!

In the children's section I let them walk around. Christopher was so excited. They checked out the fish tank for a while. I helped them grab some books. They each have library bags. They were gifts from the library when the kids were born. Then Evie sat down to color. At this point I noticed a fowl smell. Christopher had a dirty diaper. To save room I left the diaper bag in the car. It hadn't been 20 minutes since their last diaper change before leaving the house. So we had to leave.

Evie screamed, "I coloring!" repeatedly!
I felt so bad. But we had to go. I changed Christopher in the car. I could have grabbed the diaper bag and went back inside, but I already had one fight to get out. I wasn't looking forward to another one. It was cold, but I hurried. He didn't seem cold at all. He was in the car, and mommy was the one half in half out! All in all it was a fun trip. Next time I will bring in 2 diapers and wet wipes! Just in case!

I am looking forward to our next visit to the library. It was fun, and I recommend it to anyone. Plus, it is free!

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