My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christopher Eating Update

I bought some bowls that sucktion cup down to the high chair tray. I don't like them, but they were the only ones Walmart had in stock. I wasn't willing to wait or look around, because we need them now. So we got them. He did really well tonight. We had Hamberger Helper, Cheese burger and macaroni, and he loved it. He feed himself mostly with me sneeking in a few bites for him. He doesn't do so good with a spoon. I hope he had enough to eat! He was so dirty afterwards, but so happy.

I am still looking for suggestions on healthy finger foods that are safe if anyone has any ideas. I tried to bake some carrots that I cut into tiny strips, but that didn't work. He couldn't chew them and gagged a little so I took them away for another day. I ate them though and they were really good.

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Anonymous said...

I boil the carrots and cut them up very small (They turn out like the soft carrots that come with the "little entrees" graduates meals. Also, as weird as it sounds my daughter eats RICE with her fingers very well. And we cut up steamed Broccoli(its her favorite food).


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