My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll do it!

My son refuses to eat anything I feed him. He screams when I try to give him a bottle. He spits out the food I spoon into his mouth. He wants to do it himself. I put a cheerio into his mouth he spit it out, and then put on in his mouth and ate it. The same thing with all his meals. I had to give him his plate last night so I could get him to eat dinner.

I know you are probably saying he's about 1 and should be starting to feed himself. The problem is the mess. He gets it everywhere. I'm talking he'd need a bath after every meal, and I need to shampoo the carpets. Last night The bowl was tossed over 3 times. Not intentionally, he's just not coordinated enough. When he tries to spoon out food the dish goes to. I need one that sticks to the high chair. Do they make those?

Once the dish ended up on my chest. I was picking food up off the floor! He did throw it over once he was done to! That was so much fun. The worst thing is it leaves me worring did he eat enough? I didn't really have this issue with my daughter. She still makes a horrible mess, but she didn't want to feed herself until later on. At that point she was coordinated enough she didn't have trouble. The mess she makes is because she likes to wear her food!

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Anonymous said...

THey actually DO make one that sticks to the chair :) Look it up online. Also, we give my daughter (15 months) these very short spoons we found and she it doing much better! Also, We give her a spoon to try herself and then we then sneak in our own spoon!

BTW my name is Jennifer i have been reading your Blog i have a 15 month old (today!) and a three month old!


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