My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pizza anyone?

Today is the worst day, as far as cooking goes. Nothing is working out. I was going to make Chicken Caccitore, but my husband used most of the chicken. To my horror what chicken he did leave me smelt funny. Well one piece did, and I wasn't going to chance it. So that idea went out with the trash. Then I figured spaghetti would be nice. We had no hamburger for meat sauce. I like meat sauce. So I thought sausage would be fine. I have used sausage before and it turned out fine. This was not one of those times. It tastes weird! It said regular sausage, but it tastes like it has some kind of spices in it. I don't know which ones, but their in there. So I'm thinking suck it up and eat the funky pasta, or order pizza. Money is a little tight right now so I'll wait and see what daddy thinks!

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