My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

swine flu

Why, the year I want to start sending my daughter to preschool, does the threat of Swine flu have to be looming over head? I don't know much about it, but the more I hear the more I worry. My husband thinks we should wait to send her to school. I disagree, but am not really that well informed. I have 2 kids who for some reason don't watch the news!

I have heard that people can die from it, and that scares me two. So I don't really know what to do. For now the plan is to send her to school, and teach her to wash her hands really GOOD! I think that is all we can do. If it does become a big problem we can keep her home, but I feel the benefits of school outweigh the concerns. Again I am not to well informed on the subject.

I tried to do research and didn't come up with much. What I did find made me think swine flu isn't a big concern. However, when I talk to others I get the impression worse than I think. I just don't know! I do think that we will always have various things to worry about in life and just have to go with the flow! We do the best we can with what we have.

If anyone has any more information or knows a reliable site to get info I am all ears. I looked at the CDC website and got the impression that this is no big deal. Which worries me more! What the heck is the deal???

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Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

I also have gotten mixed messages. My inlaws, who are in the health-care industry say that the cases have been relatively mild as far as how dangerous it is if you catch it, but yet the number of people catching it is increasing. What is most worrysome is that a larger-than-expected number of "young adults" and otherwise healthy adults have died from it.

I'm pretty much feeling the way you are right now. My oldest goes to public school (while I am staying home with my 2 youngest), and my thoughts are that if it becomes a problem, I will keep her home with me. Until then, we are increasing our antioxidants and washing hands more. We can't all live in desperate fear, can we? As my hubby calls it: Be alert, not alarmed.


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