My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool Nightmare!

This isn't so bad, but nobody wants to be the mom of the "mean kid". When I picked up Evie today the teacher said that Evie pushes kids. I told her I know that she pushes her brother all the time at home. I didn't think she'd push other kids. I think it is because Christopher is so clumsy he falls on her all the time. I made a rule chart at home listing all the things the kids are not allowed to do at all. Including pushing, biting, hitting, etc.... They are getting a time out for breaking the rules, and if they continue despite time outs they go to bed. Usually we don't get that far. She said they would work on it at school as well. I was crushed.

I told Evie that if she pushed kids they wouldn't be her friends. I hope that will be enough. I feel horrible. For her and others. I don't want kids to not play with her for any reason. Granted she's only two, but what mom wants to have the "meanie"!

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