My angels!

My angels!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dry skin

This week I started taking Christopher to swim and tumbling class while Evie is at preschool. It is so much fun, but my skin is getting so dry. So this morning after our shower (I can never shower alone if daddy is at work, even if they are sleeping! They've got super hearing!) I tried to put lotion on myself. I no longer have any of my own lotion so I had to use the baby magic! Which wasn't to big of a deal, but I couldn't reach my back. So Evie who was already proud of herself for sharing her lotion said she would put lotion on my back.

I didn't know what she was saying so I asked, "You want to put lotion on mommy's back?"

"Sure!" was the sweet resonse I recieved.

So I figured what the heck. Well lets just say that my back won't need lotion again this year. I had to make her stop, and she was so upset because she wasn't done yet! But I had enough lotion on my back for two of me. I tried to steal some for the rest of me, but couldn't get enough off to keep my shirt from sticking to me for a while! Gotta love those little helpers though! I couldn't have reached my entire back without her!

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Aimie said...

My little Belle does that too. My legs should feel like silk with as much lotion she like rubbing on them. It is really sweet how they do that though isn't it? Your son sounds so sweet!


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