My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

closet mess

The kids just had a bath and were running around naked. Evie has been picking out her own clothes lately, so I told her go get your clothes. Of coarse Christopher followed, but when no one returned I went looking for them. I didn't see anyone in their room, but heard some noise. Christopher was in Evie's closet! No evie. I told him, "Get out of there!" Then I smelled the smell.

He had pooped in her closet, and was climbing out. Thankfully most of the poop was in one spot, and the pee only went on a couple of shirts!! It could have been much worse than it was, but still poop in the closet come on! I cleaned him up, and began to clean up the mess. He must have been constipated because there was tons of poo. I didn't put a diaper on him because I wanted to hurry up and clean up the mess. Big mistake. When I returned from flushing the poo there was more on the floor! What the heck! Where could all this be coming from! I cleaned him, and put a diaper on. A little too late, since all he had inside him was already out.

So I guess the moral is that if your kids hasn't pooped keep a diaper on!

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