My angels!

My angels!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Swimming and Tumbling

I enrolled Christopher in seaweed/ tumbleweeds, a swim and tumbling combo class. He swims for a half hour with me, and then goes into the gym for a half hour to play. The class is really full I think a total of 18 kids. This is the first time he has ever been around so many kids. We took the swim portion of the class last year, but there weren't as many kids then.

The only bad thing is that both Christopher's swimming and Evie's preschool start at the same time. So we drop off Evie and head two blocks away to the YMCA. I have to be secretive because Evie loves to swim and would be jealous. I am going to see about getting her into classes for the next session. They said if she can follow directions and swim ok she can be in the 3 year old swim class. That class is without a parent. She usually doesn't let me touch her in the pool anyways! I just swim next to her so I'm there if she needs me. It will be hardest on me, watching her grow up way too soon!

When we first get into the pool Christopher clings tightly to me. Which is quite painful. Then after a bit he lets loose. I'm not allowed to let go of him yet, but we've only had 2 classes so far. The second class he wanted to face away from me more so he is getting more confident. The teacher always takes each child towards the end for a few minutes, and when she returns them to their parent she tells them to close their mouth and she puts them slightly under water. I wasn't to sure about this at first, but he didn't seem to mind to much. He doesn't like her taking him from me though!

After swimming we hurry up and get dressed to go to upstairs to the gym. The first time we walked into the gym Christopher's face lit up like Christmas morning. It was so cute. He was super excited. He did really well to. It's his first experience waiting in line, and it will take LOTS of classes before he gets it. He does not like the concept at all, but what 1 1/2 year old does?

He has been doing really well, and been nice to the other kids overall. He gets a little overwhelmed towards the end and gets kind of rough, but not to much. I think having so much open space to let loose helps him channel that energy elsewhere. He hugged a couple girls, and played with a couple little boys. Which usually consists of him sitting near them.

I am so glad I get to do this with him. He enjoys it so much, and I think it will help him alot.

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