My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snack ideas

My kids love Popsicles. I hate all the sugar and no nutrition. So I started buying Moo Tubes from Aldis and freezing them. So they are eating frozen yogurt. I recently saw an add in a parenting magazine for Del Monte Fruit chillers. Each box is made from 1 lb. of fruit. So I bought some and my 19 month old son loves them! I actually like them to.

And the best thing is that they don't make to much of a mess. Unless your child turns it over and squeezes it out, but that usually only happens when they don't want to eat it. Which happens often with plain Popsicles. These are all in tubes so they don't drip like Popsicles on sticks. The fruit chillers are found in the grocery store with the canned fruits. I highly recommend them! We all love them.

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Aimie said...

my munchkins really like those too! We started even making our own Popsicle by blending up smoothies and then putting them in the Popsicle trays for a few hours. They aren't to bad either and they are (at least for me) budget friendly!


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