My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad mommy moment!

The kids put on their cooking aprons so they could help make dinner. All was going good. I'm not feeling well and didn't want to cook or eat! Daddy doesn't eat much so the kids were the only ones needing dinner. So what do we cook that is quick and easy. I decided pigs in a blanket, and as an added bonus the kids can help. They were so happy to help. I showed them what to do and they did it. Well Evie did it, but Christopher threw a fit. Apparently when I asked if he wanted to help cook he thought I meant cookies!

He got over that when I gave him a piece of a kit kat. Thank goodness I bought one today at the store. Evie was so proud of herself, and wanted to eat right away. She was a little bummed we had to cook them first.

Here's where the bad mommy moment enters in. I put them in the oven on a higher temp than called for. I just didn't pay attention. I did pay attention to the cook time. Therefore I cooked them too long on too high of a temp! I did not pay attention to whether or not they were done until the timer went off. So yes mommy burnt the kids dinner creation. Thankfully the tops were just brown! I cut the burnt to a crisp bottoms off, making a mess, but salvaging dinner! The kids ate them with a smile. I feel better since they both tore them into pieces and made messes anyways!!!

So it wasn't that big of a deal, travesty averted for the time being! However, I learned my lesson and will TRY to pay closer attention. I am definitely no Betty Crocker!


Marisa said...

Awee, I bet they were still very good!

I enjoy reading your blog and have a Lovely Blog Award waiting for you at my blog :) I hope you can come accept it!

Aimie said...

That is sooo cute! I bet that dinner was one they will remember for a long time!


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