My angels!

My angels!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The dentist!

The kids had their 6 month check ups today at the dentist office. All went really well. Evie got to sit in the chair for the first time. She was excited at first, and then freaked when they turned on the over head lights. She handled it well, but she didn't want to sit there anymore. Then I showed her that the sunglasses they gave her were Cinderella, and she was happy.

It didn't take long, thankfully. All her teeth looked good!!! Which was awesome news since we had to go through all that last time, she had to have 4 teeth filled due to bottle rot. We have since got rid of all bottles, but she still drinks chocolate milk at night. I asked the doctor to tell her no more chocolate milk at night since she'd be more likely to listen to him. Then when she argues with me tonight I can blame the doctor and she will remember the visit and hopefully comply. We are going to get her a special cup just for water to help make it easier.

Christopher did good too. The doctor had me lay him down in my lap he didn't want to. In fact he almost pulled my shirt off trying to hold onto me for dear life! It was slightly embarrassing, but everyone acted like it didn't happen. Christopher screamed like crazy, and the dentist looked like he had a hard time looking at his teeth! But it didn't last long and the verdict was good healthy teeth!

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Bobby said...

Wow! Kids that are having healthy teeth is a good news for parents.

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Thanks for sharing your kids' dental stories! Really inspiring!


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