My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Preschool update!

Evie had so much fun her first day of school. When we picked her up she was all smiles. The teacher gave me her papers, and we left. She got a note from the teacher letting me know she did well. The teacher said that Evie is very outgoing and talkative. That's my girl, but uh oh were gonna have troubles with that later??? She had two pictures that she colored that day. When I asked her about her day she only said she colored! I would have liked more info, but oh well. With some prying I found out she played and sang too! She said she liked her new friends as well.

I knew she would have fun, and do well. However, I was worried since she had been sick. She also refused to eat at all before school. She was so excited to go to school that she didn't want to do anything, but "GO"! Then after school she was to tired to eat as well. When so woke up she made up for what she missed that morning!

We didn't even get out to the car before she asked for her softy, binkie, and chocolate. It was so funny. Thank goodness I had thought ahead and brought it. She was so tired. We went home and she was asleep by 12:05. School got out at 11:30! She would have slept for a long time, but Topher missed her and kept waking her up. So she didn't get a good nap.

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