My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preschool orientation day for 2 year olds!

Evie and the teacher for the good bye song. Evie playing with a puzzle her parrot was done.
Evie's parrot!
The making of a parrot!
Class just started!
Evie has been begging me for months to go to school. I would get her dressed and she'd put on her backpack then ask, "I go school today!" Only to be disappointed when I said "NO". She would get so sad that I thought of paying for a couple hours of day care and telling her it was school! Finally one day a friend told me of a church that runs a preschool and has a 2 year old class. I got her signed up that day!

Today was the orientation day. When the kids go to the class for a short time (1 hour) with parents. They meet the teachers and other kids. This also allows them to get used to the class setting with the comfort of mommy or daddy being there. They had the kids sit on the circle and talked to us. Then they read a book about preschool while parents filled out paperwork. Then the kids made a craft. They glued tissue paper (feathers) on pre-cut out parrots! The kids who finished first did puzzles while waiting for other to catch up. Then they talked more to parents. Finally the kids were allowed to play freely for about 20 min, and then the goodbye song.

It was so cute. Only one other mom brought a camera. I was not about to miss a minute of it despite the fact I was slightly embarrassed taking tons of pics! They must think I am crazy! They sent home book orders (remember those from school). I used to love those. I'm more excited about it than she is. I don't think she realizes we can buy the books and actually have them. They also already have a field trip for the end of the month scheduled. They are going to an orchard to pic apples. I am so going! I think daddy and BoBo will go to! Then next month she gets school pics! I am super excited! I am sad though I will miss her when she is at school, life is moving by to fast. I think I will take advantage of the time with BoBo and enroll him in a mommy and me swim class.


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