My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yep, Evie has already had a homework assignment from her preschool class. She is to practice using scissors! Something she has never done, at least at home! We even had to go buy scissors for her! I was not to thrilled about this, but knowing that it is a skill she needed to practice I got the scissors.

I made multiple copies of the page the teacher sent home for practice and this morning let her practice. She needs the practice! I cringed every time she said, "Oh I cut myself!" I reminded her to be careful, and thanked God that the preschool scissors weren't sharp enough to actually cut her!

I learned that we are gonna but heads when it comes to doing homework. I kept trying to show her the right way to cut. Or at least the right way according to the teacher's instructions to parents! I have no idea, but I imagine it is safer, I hope so. She kept arguing with me and telling me, "No, I do it!" I tried to assure her, "Yes, you will do it, but you must do it the right way!" We battled a little till I realized I was arguing with a 2 year old. I put the scissors down she cried. I said, " when your done (crying) we will talk and I will give you the scissors back!" That seemed to work and she did try to use them the right way.

The teacher wants her to hold them with her thumb in the circle and finger in the oval, and then when she is cutting her thumb is to be on top. Which she holds it fine, but she turns it over and puts her fingers on top. It's when I stop her and correct her that we have problems. I am not looking forward to more difficult homework in later years!

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Aimie said...

I hate when they learn how to use scissors, you know they are gonna try it on their hair next!! :)


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