My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Also the kids still have coughs. Topher's coughs are the worst. When ever he gets to coughing he usually can't stop and ends up vomiting. I hope he doesn't have trouble next year at school. He'll probably get sent home a lot! But he's not really sick it just all comes out from him coughing so bad.  On top of all his other problems he supposedly has reactive airway disease, and exercise induced asthma. I just hope it doesn't prevent him from being in sports. Although I was told he is to young for testing so we don't know for sure.  He doesn't take meds I just clean up the vomit!

I am so down today.  I got irritated at my hubby for no big reason, and he doesn't even know it.  I'm trying to let it go.  Plus it was a bummer of a day, weather wise!  Just a rough day.  I'm probably over tired, and over stressed.  I applied for 5 jobs and no one has called yet.  I know it probably won't work out.  I know I need to be here with the kids. I know what I do is important, but I still find myself feeling like it isn't enough.  The economy is rough, and these days money is never enough. 

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