My angels!

My angels!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day!

This was my day!  Not very relaxing but I had fun. 

First we all got up and got ready for church.  As amazing as this may sound we were on time!  We made it all looking nice and no frantic yelling or screaming!  Actually we were a little early.  Bummer I did forget the camera (needed desperately since hubby and baby were getting baptised)!  Thankfully nana brought hers.  My mom was late (of coarse)and missed the baptisms!  She bought lunch!  All is forgiven.

After church we all went to eat at a local restaurant.  It was so packed we were there for 2 hours!  It was fun though and none of the kids got to cranky or out of control!  Awesome.  Daddy got agitated.  He was worried our pool would over flow!  He left it filling up during church.  Being above ground if it overflowed we were worried it would collapse! 

Then we planned on taking the kids to the zoo.  The kids new it, but half our party couldn't go.  My nephew vomited in the car.  The adults no longer wanted to go, and I was stuffed after lunch.  However, my kids did not forget the promise of a zoo trip.  So I took them to the zoo.  Which was fun, and hopefully burnt off some of the calories I added at lunch!  I ate A LOT!  It was so good!

Then instead of resting (which at this point I desperately needed)  we had to go to my moms.  The kids made cakes at the store and Evie said hers was for grandma.  They had a set up where you could buy a little cake and then your kid could decorate it.  Awesome Idea. Hubby forgot I had to go to my moms and rented Green Hornet.  He said they (him and in-laws) would watch it then watch it again with me. Yeah right I figured, so I was mad and tired.

So we went to my moms, but we couldn't just say here's the cake adios!  So we stayed for about two hours. Actually it was mission impossible getting my kids to leave.  I almost left my son to spend the night, but he finally decided to go home.  Evie got her nails painted by her aunt Abby (she's 11).  Topher colored on my moms Ipad, and played outside with his uncle Isaac (he's 9).  It was fun, but now I was exhausted!

We went home and I had to get the kids fed and to bed.  Daddy helped, but the kids were fired up so it took a bit.  Once in bed the two littlest ones passed right out, but Evie was up till after 10.  Hubby was true to his word we watched the Green Hornet together.  He actually waited for me.  Which made me feel so much better. Usually if I don't watch something with him I never get to watch it.  There is always something to do! 

By the time I got to go to bed I was so tired I wanted to cry!  Hubby felt bad I was so upset, but I tried to explain to him it wasn't him.  I was just running on empty.  Got some good sleep and woke up in a great mood today.  Only to find MOLD around the windows upstairs.  So my day today was equally exhausting eradicating mold and washing everything! I may have over reacted, but oh well its so nice up here now!

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