My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ugh, I need to see a dermatologist.  I have this spot on my hand that was tiny and would flare up every know and then.  It has grown to be a couple inces in diameter.  It is now very itchy and scally.  It gets rally irritated from me itching.  My mom (shes a nurse) thought it was psoriasis.  My dad (a doctor) said its either excema or somthing else I could never pronounce let alone spell.  If its that I'll need steroid shots!  So looks like I gotta go to the specialist and see.  Fun!  Now that I have the kids I hate going to the doctor. It is such an inconvienience.

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Nicky said...

Poor you, I symptahise. I hope it heals quickly. God bless x


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