My angels!

My angels!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink eye

Poor Evie has pink eye, and I hope no one else gets it.  She has always been very susceptible to it for some reason.  I got it from her once and it is painful.  It hit fast and hard today.  I saw some goop (yep that's the technical term!) in the corner of her eye this afternoon.  I thought nothing of it and wiped it away, but within minutes it was back! 

I told her she needed eye drops and she flipped out.  So I said we'd watch it and see if it got worse she'd definitely need eye drops.  I should have just given her the eye drops then because it did get worse, and fast.  Her eye got pinker and pinker.  After dinner, probably two hours after the first appearance of the goop, her right eye was swollen significantly. 

At this point she asked for the eye drops.  I still had to sit on her to hold her down.  Even doing this did not make the task any easier.  I'm not sure if I got enough if any actually in her eyes on the first try.  I waited a couple hours and it wasn't improving at all.  They seemed to be getting worse still.  So I tried the drops again.  This time I wrapped her tight in her softy (special blanket), and was thus better able to get the drops in.  This time I was able to pry her eyelids apart a tiny bit and the drops definitely went in.  I also gave her some ibuprofen cause she had to of been hurting pretty bad. 

She is asleep now, but tossing and turning.  I hope she wakes up looking better.  The last time I put the drops in she had massive amounts of goop, and I am worried she'll wake up with her eyes matted shut.  I imagine that would be really scary.

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