My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

not so perfect night!

I thought this was the perfect night all 3 of my kids were in bed by 7pm!  Which is there actual bed time!  Amazing right, I celebrate way to soon.  By 7:30 both my girls were asleep.  I thought this is awesome. I had very little to do, thank you to my mother in law who is staying for a few days!  So I was going to bed early. 

My son was awake and kept getting out of bed.  I told him if he got up again I was going to spank him,
I had just gotten down stairs when I heard my son yelling for me.  Which yep woke up the baby!  I left her in her crib hoping she would go back to sleep, but the crying just got worse.  I knew she was still tired, but the little nap she took was enough she couldn't go back to sleep.  So I had two kids out of bed, and only one asleep. 

I gave up and let them play, and was just bringing them to bed when my oldest started yelling for me.  She usually sleeps all night once asleep so this worried me.  She said she needed a band aid on her finger. Ok, now all three were awake!  UGH! 

Finally now at almost 10pm the baby is asleep, and the other two are watching a video from their beds.  Please, please fall asleep!  I really really really want to go to bed now!

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Erin said...

I found your blog and am very excited because I also have irish twins plus one! I totally know where you are coming from with the bed time issue! My daughter is 32 months, my son is 22 months, and I also have a one month old son. My older 2 shared a room for about a year until we moved into our house. Now the boys share a room. I am always exhausted and begging my kids to fall asleep and stay asleep! When my newborn wakes up so do the other 2 and then I have to go snuggle each one before they will even lay back down. I plan to continue to follow your blog because it is nice to know someone who really knows what it's like to have irish twins plus one.


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