My angels!

My angels!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting outta bed!!

My daughter is the master of getting outta bed.  She gets up so many times it drives me insane.  Topher used to do it, but most days he's out since I lowered the bed time to 7.  Evie has always been my night owl and usually doesn't fall asleep till 9.  That is fine with me, as long as she stays in bed.  She is allowed to watch one movie. Then it is lights out. 

She is so good at it she has become a master of excuses so I've decided to start posting them some are very silly others very cleaver!  I will probably tweet most of them, but tonight's will be posted and the count begins.

Reason number one, my movie is over!  She insisted I turn off the tv and place the DVD back into its case!  Ok fine back to bed.

Reason number two, you didn't sing me a song!  OK 1 song! back to bed.

Reason number three, I wanted to give you a hug and a kiss cause I love you!  Ok I love you to! Hugs and Kisses NOW BACK TO BED! if you get up again I will spank you!
Reason number four, I have an owey and need a band aide! OK here's your band aide turn around for your spanking! Which she did! I lightly tapped her but feeling bad for spanking for getting outta bed, but realizing she'd called my bluff! Couldn't back out now!
Reason number five, my Ariel doll is missing (The one I asked you where it was before bed cause I knew you would want it?) Here she is not get to bed, I can't she needs her pajamas. OK but turn around for your spanking you know your not supposed to be outta bed!  She turned around!  I almost laughed!  Biting my tongue I swatted her butt a lil harder than before, but not really!  Plus she is wearing a pull up!
Reason number six,  I am to scared up there.  You are not scared Evie you sleep there every night, and there is nothing to be scared of.  Go to bed!  We all sleep in one room.  So I know there is nothing to be scared of.  You need to go to bed you have school tomorrow.  Ok but you go to bed too so you won't be cranky!  I almost died!  I thought it was funny and sad!  I must be really cranky some times.  I told her she needed to go to bed so I could take my bath to relax so I could go to bed and not be cranky.  She asked why do you need a bath to relax.  Realizing I had been sucked in to a get outta bed conversation I quickly  changed the subject;  Go to Bed Now Before I spank your butt!  This worked she went to bed and fell asleep! 
This is quickly becoming night time routine for us, and it is driving me crazy.  I hate to spank my kids, but I don't know what else to do!

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