My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best friends

One thing I love about having kids so close in age that they are the best of friends, often enemies too, but were focusing on friendship here!  This is a friendship that will last their entire lifetime, one like no other, and it truly is amazing to watch.  They fight and say I'm sorry often without being told.  They help each other without being asked, and are very supportive of each other.  It is amazing.  I can't stand the fighting at times, and I am learning to take myself out of it.  I try to let them handle things as much as they can and only get involved when asked or someone is in danger of physical harm (both situations occur quite frequently)! 

It's funny at times I will hear them say "I'm mad at you" or "I'm not your friend anymore", and often they can't even tell me why.  However, it is always short lived and they are playing together again.  They make a great team, trust me I get stuck cleaning up the messes!  They switch off roles of follower and leader.  They are extremely bossy, and tattle on each other a lot.   I can't stand the name calling.  Evie hates to be called names and Topher plays on this constantly.  Then every once in a while he gets upset when she calls him a name.  It never ends, but they don't seem to mind.  Once Evie asked if she could marry Topher.  After I had told her she'd grow up and marry a man she loves.  Because she said she loves him so why couldn't they get married.  I told her it will be a different love. 

The other day Evie ran out of her room and yelled "Mom I have a real emergency!"  At first I was scared then she said "My Rapunzel is missing!"  I said "NO shes not she's lost in your messy room, go find her!"  Topher dropped what he was doing came out of the toy room and said, "What, your Rapunzel is missing?" Without another word he went with her into her room and helped her find that doll!  I was so proud of him, both of them.  I constantly tell them good teamwork.  To the point that they will point out their "Good Teamwork" before I even notice!

They get along well with their sister too, but she's a lil to young still.  She adores them and watches everything they do.  She follows them, and tries to play with them or just with their stuff.  She loves to play in Evie's room.  The kids are good with her, but Topher is always way too rough (he's just to much).  She's learning to walk and will walk to Evie before anyone else!  They are three peas in a pod and I am one lucky mother!

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