My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


All three of the the kids have had a cough and runny nose for some time.  Ally had an ear infection and just finished her antibiotics.  Evie saw the doctor to.  He said their lungs were clear.  So it seemed to be allergies.  Topher didn't see the doctor and I think he needs to.  His cough seems to be getting way worse.  I tried giving him his breathing treatments, but they don't seem to help.  He doesn't seem to have a runny nose,  but it could be draining down the back of his throat.  Nobody has a fever.  It's just that when Topher gets a cough he usually coughs so much he vomits.  Evie and Ally's cough has both improved some, but not gone.  I hope they haven't gotten some other virus!

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